What Does Your MeMoi Sock Say About You?

Some people don’t put a lot of thought into their footwear and legwear. A drawer full of black and white socks, neatly arranged and ready for today and the next day… Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But if you’re on this page, chances are that’s not you. You’re the type of person who takes pride in that extra bit of flare that might not even be seen under your pants or shoes. You curate your sock collection very carefully, with just as much attention to detail as you would devote to your best outfits. After all, what look is complete without your best foot forward? 

What you might not have thought about is what that sartorial choice says about you. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered there. This is MeMoi’s unofficial guide to what your sock preference says about you! It’s like astrology, but with far more possibilities, and much more applicable to everyday life. Here we have six very broad categories, but we’re not even getting into hosiery!  

DISCLAIMER: This guide is totally tongue in cheek and not meant to be taken too seriously. People contain multitudes, including yourself. No matter what your sock taste is, we think you’re pretty awesome.

Now let’s begin our journey into sock personality types.


If you’re often sporting this type of sock, there’s a good chance you’ve made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off in the last three days...and it might have been for yourself. No shame! You’re playful and you enjoy thinking outside the box. In school, you might have been the kid who was daydreaming and doodling in the margins of your notebook instead of paying attention in class. You probably have a job that allows you to access your creativity, or have hobbies outside of work that are creative, such as art, knitting, or a quirky type of sport. You’re also not afraid to mismatch these bad boys, so might we suggest buying as many pairs as possible to broaden your sock horizons? Dogs pair particularly well with food, or so the rumor has it…

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If this is the type of sock you reach for in the morning or before a night out, your wardrobe is anywhere from about 55%-75% animal prints and you likely have stock in pomade and/or hairspray. You’re a person who likes to make an impression and have whoever you meet think about you long after you part ways. Sure, you could tuck away these beauties underneath your footwear or your bottoms, but why would you? You were born to stand out, and your sheer or fishnet socks certainly put fashion before function. You might lead a lifestyle that lends itself to this aesthetic - hairstylist/barber, in the music industry, or someone in fashion. Or you may lead a double life - a “regular” job during the day, while skanking the night away when the day is done. No matter what, you know how to up the punx, and that’s what makes you effortlessly cool. 

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If your go-to sock is a low-cut sock in any color, you probably own a pair of athletic shoes for every type of workout you do. This type of sock, though stylish in their own right, emphasizes comfort over style, just like you. You lead a busy, active life, whether you’re a breadwinner or the ruler of the roost (or both!). Your socks need to be dependable, long lasting, and able to withstand a full day of work, errands, home life, and whatever precious you-time you might have at the end of the day. If it feels satisfying to peel off your socks before you settle in, you know you’ve done a good job picking them. Make sure you feel your best when you go out for your three mile run before work!

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If this sock is a must have in your wardrobe, fall is your favorite season and you started drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes in August. (No judgment here! Just an observation.) You have a classic sense of style, one that involves cardigans and button up shirts, but your socks allow you to find inventive ways to wear all of your shorts and skirts well into the colder months. (What better time to wear them, after all? The summer is just so hot.) You’re probably an eternal student or, if not literally a student, a lifelong devotee of learning. Nothing is more satisfying to you than curling up with a good book (or Wikipedia article) with your knees socks completing the cozy ensemble. 

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If no outfit of yours is complete without a micro shoe liner, congratulations! You’re in line for a promotion! Or you will be, because you’re one hardworking person. You are always dressed professionally, and this often means wearing footwear that can’t be paired with a typical, more comfortable sock. However, a microliner will make sure you look sleek and sophisticated without sacrificing the integrity of the skin on your foot. Although you see looking sharp as only one part of your rise to the top of your company, it is important to you that you show up in all aspects of your career. We envy how well you walk in those dress shoes, and are glad we can help. Go get ‘em, tiger.

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If you’re currently snuggling up in these little things every day, it’s Quarantine 2020 and you leave the house once a week for groceries. If you did this before the pandemic hit, you are probably a huge homebody and are in a loving, committed relationship with your Netflix subscription. Chances are that you own your own business or have a job that allows you to work from the comfort of your own home. Our fuzzy socks are high quality enough to last many, many washes and still retain that same softness you loved when you first purchased them. They’ll keep your feet cozy as you work, take online classes, and live your soft, plush life, just the way you like it. There’s nothing wrong with staying home, especially right now, in such uncertain times, and what better way to treat yourself right than in your sleep duds? We also sell adorable loungewear and slippers, by the way. 

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Now it’s your turn to share your sock personality! Head over to Instagram and post a picture of your favorite MeMoi socks with the hashtags #MeMoi and #MySockPersonality. Be sure to tag @memoi so that we can see all of your lovely duds! And remember, no matter what type of person you are and what sort of life you lead, we have the sock that’ll fit right in.