Socks with Sandals - How To Rock a Walking Controversy (with MeMoi's help, of course)

Socks with Sandals...Yikes or Nice?

There are few fashion trends as polarizing as pairing a sandal - a spring or summer time shoe, the symbol of free, uninhibited feet - with a cocoon of warmth like a sock. For many among the fashion elite, they wouldn’t be caught dead in the combination. However, with the sock/sandal duo showing up on many spring and summer 2020 runways, making waves in collections by Anna Sui, APC, and Salvatore Farragmo, the tides may be turning on what is often considered a staple in the college bro’s dining hall attire. Maybe you’re a little curious about what it would be like to pair those Birkenstocks or Steven Maddens in your closet with a pair of socks. But you can’t think of what type of sock would go best. We can help you with both the how-to and some selections from our closet to go with yours!

You might be tempted to pick just any old sock, but don’t. There’s a way of going about this, you know. If you want to do this, you have to do it right. There are a number of factors to think of - the type of sandal, the occasion you’re attending, we could go on. However, rest assured that no matter what kind of sandal you have, we have the right type of sock to pair with it. That way, when you walk down the street with your new fancy feet, you’ll be turning heads for the right reasons. 


What is the occasion you’re wearing the shoes to?

Just like you can’t wear a tracksuit to your cousin’s wedding, you can’t wear gym socks with your sandals there either. A more formal sandal needs to be paired with socks that are similarly glamorous. As MeMoi specializes in high quality formal socks, you’ll have no problem finding what you need from us. Read more below about our wide selection of formal occasion socks.

Make sure you have the right sock thickness for your sandal!

Nothing feels - or looks - worse than a sock that is too thick for its shoe, and sandals are the epitome of this problem. If your sandal fits closely to your foot, we offer a selection of sheer socks that will work perfectly for your look. Similarly, if you’re wearing a looser sandal, you do not want your shoes to fall off your feet! Let our thicker, more sturdy socks keep your sandals where they belong - on your feet.

It’s all about color!

Just like socks with any other shoe, the color you pair with your sandal could be the difference between a fashion victory and a fashion faux pas. Black socks could go well with a metallic sandal and a dark outfit, while neutrals and whites could pair well with a strappy black wedge. Try a pop of color with a neutral or brown sandal.

“I’ve already got my sandal of choice. What sort of sock can you sell me?” We thought you’d never ask.


...Hand Linked Bamboo Crew Socks

Bamboo Crew Sock


Birkies have a reputation for being a hybrid of a flower-child mentality with an upper crust upbringing. They’re imported and made of sturdy, high quality materials. People wearing these sandals look like they're in the know, and wouldn’t you want to accentuate that air of sophistication? Our Bamboo Crew Socks are the perfect match for a shoe that emphasizes possible foot relief through use. These socks, ideal for those with hypersensitive skin and sensory issues, also come in a variety of colors, allowing your feet to breathe easy in style. This pairing is one made in footwear heaven. 

Shop the Look: Bamboo Crew Socks 




...Totally Awesome Metallic Cuff Crew Socks

The contrast between black and silver is classic - a bit punk, a bit glam, a whole lot of stylish. Why pair your metallic sandal with just a plain black sock when you can have a metallic cuff to spice things up? While things may seem all business at the bottom, it’s all party up top. Soft cotton fabric makes sure your toes stay cool while you’re looking cool. These are the ideal socks to wear to a get-together where you’re going to see your ex. When you get there, they’ll take one look at your ensemble, socks/sandals and all, and wonder what they’re missing. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that your risk-taking is paying off, and help yourself to more cheese doodles.

Shop the Look: Totally Awesome Metallic Cuff Crew Socks




Rainbow Rugby Crew Socks

Rainbow Rugby Crew Socks

Chances are, if you’re wearing athletic sandals, you’re:

  1. A lifeguard and/or involved in swimming
  2. A college student
  3. On your way to run errands and thus must wear shoes in public.

Even if you don’t fit into these categories, your feet probably take a hammering on a regular basis, and could use some cushion surrounding them. Meet our Rainbow Rugby Crew Socks. They’re impossibly soft and comfortable, the perfect thickness for nestling inside your favorite Adidas sandals as you roam the grocery aisles or stop in the dining hall again. The rainbow pattern on top can be displayed proudly with a pair of basketball shorts, or tucked away beneath a pair of sweatpants for some secret flair. Get a pair for you and your special someone - these socks come in men's and women's sizes!  

Shop the Look: Rainbow Rugby Crew Socks




...Joli Jeweltone Scrunched Crew Socks

Joli Jeweltone Scrunched Crew Socks

Who doesn’t love a good throwback moment? The styles of the 1980s and 1990s are having a huge comeback right now, and with that comes the chunky black footwear synonymous with the fashion of that time. These slouchy socks are the perfect pairing with your favorite pair, whether they’re a relic from back in the day or a new reproduction. Available in four fun colors, these cotton blend socks are both comfortable and a unique addition to your accessory wardrobe. This look is ideal for a night out with friends, a time for both you and your look to shine and have fun among people as cool as you. We recommend styling these with a simple outfit to draw as much attention to your socks and shoes as possible.

Shop the Look: Joli Jeweltone Scrunched Crew Socks


...Metallic Ivy Pointelle Anklet Socks

Metallic Ivy Pointelle Anklet Socks

Earlier, we talked about potentially showcasing this look at a special occasion. Well, that time has come! If you’re attending a summer engagement party, wedding, or other formal event, you might want to don these socks with your strappy heels. Even if you’ve been adventurous so far, this one might be a little too extreme for you. However, consider the following: 

  1. The air conditioning is always blasting at those events, so your feet will be nice and warm while everyone else has icicle toes. 
  2. You’ll stand out from the hundred other people who are wearing similar dresses and/or shoes to you.
  3. These socks, with their subtle pattern and comfortable fabric, are the perfect intersection between comfort and style. Gone are the days of impractical foot situations for the sake of fashion - hello adulthood.

With all these things considered, it’s a no brainer to pair socks with sandals at your next formal summertime event.

Shop the Look: Metallic Ivy Pointelle Anklet Socks

So there we have it: your starter guide on being a walking controversy. It may be a bit on the wild side for you, but don’t take our suggestions as gospel. In fact, we encourage you to peruse our website in search of the perfect sock for your favorite sandals. For those who like to put a spring in their set, novelty socks might be the perfect avenue for this foot adventure.

Now it’s your turn to show us your favorite versions of the trend! Head over to Instagram and post your creations with the hashtags #MeMoiLover and #MeMoiSocksAndSandals. Be sure to tag us (@memoi) so we can see your combinations and repost them to our page.