Maybe selling socks isn’t the best business idea for people who want to change the world. Or maybe it is! We know our customers: they’re smart, savvy, and thoroughly dedicated to what they do with their time, whether it’s fighting crime, finding the funds for important projects, or doing all that’s necessary to assure that the next generation will be the best yet. Some of you follow high fashion and crave a personal style that is distinct, while others are minimalists in search of simple high quality pieces that can handle heavy rotation. We’ve got you covered. Whether your interest is a pair of funky socks that you can’t help but to smile while looking at, sexy tights that draw attention to the well-toned legs you’ve worked hard for, or a shaper that makes certain that your wardrobe fits the way you want it to regardless of what you’ve had for lunch, our products are here to make sure that when you go to get dressed for work or for play, your reflection is what you were hoping for: fierce, fun, bold, beautiful, or all of the aforementioned. MeMoi exists to make putting your best foot forward easier and more exciting, just as you wish.


The inside of a showroom-type area displaying a variety of socks and tights stretched over mannequin legs.


For over a quarter-century, MeMoi has been at the forefront of the legwear industry, designing the trends that keep legs of all shapes and sizes comfortable and stylish. For most of our lifetime, the majority of our business has been with department stores—you might recognize our name from any number of major outlets—but we are pleased to now offer our products to customers directly through our website and other online shops. We continue to develop an ever-expanding product catalog, including innovative shapewear and accessories to suit a variety of needs. We are headquartered in Linden, a beautiful city in northern New Jersey, which makes it easy to stay in touch with the world of New York City fashion, while providing the necessary space to keep our team together. Our design studio, administrative offices, and pick-and-pack warehouse are all located on the same property, guaranteeing that we can serve our customers with an unprecedented level of quick, personalized, friendly service.



As MeMoi hears constant demand from businesses and individual consumers who are in love with our products and the sense of freedom they inject into a wardrobe, we have replied by increasing both the breadth and depth of our catalog. In recent years, we have diversified our offerings by creating new interesting patterns, seeking out colors you won’t find elsewhere, and experimenting with fabrics that are relatively new to the fashion industry. Our designers are constantly striving to perfect our products, and then establish a new definition of perfection through tireless innovation. In the near future, MeMoi will be offering a variety of additional productsall still in line with our mission to help you stay the ruler of your wardrobe and make sure you feel like a million bucks without needing to spend quite so much.