A Romantic Night In with MeMoi’s hosiery and dress socks!

With the current pandemic having everyone in various states of lockdown, it feels as though there’s no sense of normal anymore. Essential workers are trying to keep themselves and others safe on the front lines, while non-essential workers are hunkering down at home, trying to weather the storm of an uncertain time. Why bother doing something special when every day feels the same? Many people spend most of their time in their pajamas (we’ve got you covered there, if this applies to you) and haven’t dressed up in months. 

This sense of staleness extends to our relationships with others, particularly romantic relationships. It can be hard to imagine a time where you’ll ever get to do something special with your partner again. But what if we told you that you can get dressed up and have a romantic night in, all with finishing touches by yours truly at MeMoi?

A romantic night in could be the perfect way to break through the doldrums and invigorate your downtime. Whether you (safely) order takeout or cook a special meal, donning your best duds with your special someone will give you that sense of normalcy that you’ve been craving. We have several options for both masculine and feminine styles so you can look your best, even if it’s just for each other. And hey, doesn’t that make it more special? 

This is your go-to guide for Legwear for A Romantic Night In!


Houndstooth Crew 3-Pack Socks

For a classic look of neutrals, you can’t go wrong with these three patterns. Whether your night is burgers and a cheesy Netflix movie or a candlelit dinner, these socks will be the perfect accent to whatever outfit you decide to wear, even if it’s just putting on your best T-shirt and jeans. The 3-pack creates variety if date night becomes a habit, or if you want more choice with how to spruce up an already impressive outfit. Plus, when you finally head back into the office, you’ll have three new pairs of socks to wear with your office wear! This 3-pack isn’t just a spree purchase; it’s an investment.

Shop the Look: Houndstooth Crew 3-Pack Socks



Bamboo Blend Burger and Fries 2-Pack

Bamboo Blend Burger and Fries 2-Pack

On the other end of the spectrum, this set of socks is a reminder to not take yourself too seriously. Wear them to make your date laugh if you two live separately and are having a socially distanced date night together. If you live with your partner, surprise them by wearing your Friday night best and your burger and fries socks with a completely straight face. These socks are a great way to show off your personality, but still have the comfort of our soft, high quality bamboo blend. Plus, this pair comes with a pair of practical black socks, if you get a little too nervous to show off your novelty socks on the first try. 

Shop The Look: Bamboo Blend Burger and Fries 2-Pack 



Men’s Classic Crew Socks 3-Pack

Mens Classic Crew Socks 3-Pack

We get it. Classic black is your deal. Why mess with a good thing? You’re probably the kind of person who uses things until they cannot be used anymore, and you want a good return on your investment. With this three pack of black crew socks, you have a multitude of uses for your socks, including nights in, nights out, future office meetings, socially distanced gatherings - the list goes on. You’re not just thinking about the present romantic times with your partner. You’re thinking about the future with them, and we salute you for that! These socks are durable, high quality, and long lasting with proper care, so they’ll be around for the long haul, just like you.

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Crystal Sheer Shaper Control Top Tights

Crystal Sheer Shaper Control Top Tights

For a more subtle stocking look that will complement practically any dress or skirt, these tights are your best friend! They come in five different shades, so you can choose what feels comfortable for your wardrobe’s color palette, your coloring, or your overall aesthetic. Sheer legs create a sleek, flawless look that will have you feeling confident. Feeling self conscious about the Quarantine Fifteen? Nothing to worry about, we have you covered. These tights feature a shaper top that smooths out areas you might be feeling self conscious about so you can look and feel what you feel is your best. 

Shop the Look: Crystal Sheer Shaper Control Top Tights 

Control Top Footless Tights

Control Top Footless Tights

If you live in a house where absolutely no shoes are allowed past the front door, these are the tights for you. These tights are ideal for if you have been with your significant other a long time and they’re used to your feet. Stockings can be difficult to walk in, especially on slippery hardwood floors. To have your feet free and able to sense the ground beneath them can bridge the gap between the life you’ve been living in quarantine and trying to dive headfirst into normalcy. Plus, depending on what your outfit is, it could take it down a notch. Paired with your partner’s burger and fries socks (see above), you’ll be a duo that is down to earth with a sense of humor. 

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Brooklyn Flat Knit Sweater Tights

Brooklyn Flat Knit Sweater Tights

If the idea of changing from your pajamas into regular clothes bums you out, these tights might just change your mind. These cozy sweater tights are the perfect intersection between the loungewear you’ve been relying on and full blown hosiery. For that extra special pop of color in your ensemble, there are eight (!) colors to choose from. Usually made for the fall and winter months, these are suitable for the indoors or any climate controlled environment. Give your conservative or casual dress some funky flair or tone down a more elegant piece. With so many options to choose from, you’ll have to buy more than one pair to mix and match!

Shop the Look: Brooklyn Flat Knit Sweater Tights


Carving out time to spend with your sweetheart can make all the difference in the world, especially during uncertain times like these. Why not pull out all the stops to ensure that it feels as special as possible? Every detail counts, and we are happy to provide you with the footwear and legwear for your romantic night in.

Now it’s your turn to tell us all about your experience! Head over to Instagram and show us your date night delights with the hashtag #MeMoiRomanticNightIn. Be sure to tag us (@memoi) so we can see your outfits and date ideas to keep the romance alive even during COVID.