Oh, Baby!: MeMoi's Collection of Infant Socks and Tights

When you're a new parent, there's so much you need to do and so many things you need to get. Let MeMoi help with legwear.

Having a baby is probably the biggest thing you're ever going to do in your life. Whether you're a brand new parent or this isn't your first go, there are lots of things to get for your little one. One important thing that people often don't think of: socks! That's right - baby's toes need to stay nice and warm, too. We at MeMoi have a variety of products for baby's first year of life, as they grow and change before your very eyes.


Triple Roll Infant Ankle Socks


Infant Ankle Socks
These are the ultimate basic sock for boys and girls! Our Triple Roll Infant Ankle Socks come in up to 45 colors, a beautiful rainbow of warm, cool and neutral colors. Breathable cotton keeps feet comfortable, while the hand-linked toe seam is more comfortable for little toes. Best of all, you’ll never forget the sock size you ordered again; we printed the size right onto the sole of the sock. Buy in bulk so your baby can always have warm feet, even as they grow bigger and older!


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Infant Cotton Sweater Tights

Infant Cotton Sweater Tights

If you want to dress up your baby for an event, but want them to keep super cozy, our Infant Cotton Sweater Tights are the perfect garment for a happy baby. Completely opaque cotton blend tights are a practical staple for everyday wear on school days and weekend play. A generous gusset and comfort toe won't constrict, while the variety of colors find themselves appropriate in any dress-up situation. Available in four colors for a variety of outfits.

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Ruffle Eyelet Infant Anklet


Ruffle Eyelet Anklet
Your basic sock, with a ruffly twist! It's a picture-perfect pairing with Mary Janes and a sweet new dress, or even with a cute pair of pristine sneakers. There are few socks more synonymous with dressing up than a ruffle anklet. The hand-linked toe seam doesn't sit or rub uncomfortably on their toes, either, so these darlin' little socks will stay on all day long. Available in a variety of colors for many different outfits!


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Pelerine Anklet Socks

Pelerine Anklet Socks

Careful stitching and simple elegance - that's what these socks will give your little love. Little feet get a classic upgrade in our Pelerine Anklet Socks. These dainty delights feature a lacy Pelerine design (a type of stitch produced by meshing together the components of a single loop) to add some serious style while the luxury yarn blend provides day-through-night comfort your child will love. Available in black and white for a variety of outfits.

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Sweet Blossoms Sheer Floral Infant Tights

Sweet Blossoms Tights

What little baby isn't beautiful in flowers? Sweet little blossoms dot these sheer floral tights, offering a formal look for little girls without something too grown-up and boring for their liking (if she's a little older to have preferences!). Delicate, small flowers raise slightly from the sheer fabric, their stems and leaves laying flat among the lacy backdrop. Delicate pattern tight is appropriate for formal and casual occasions. Available in pink, winter white, and white for a variety of dresses/skirts and occasions.

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Side Bow Anklet Socks

Side Bow Anklet

Our Side Bow Anklet Socks are the perfect finishing touch to any baby's going-out outfit. Made from a cotton blend derived from high quality yarn, these socks keep your sweet little one comfy through play dates, visits with Grandma, and special occasions. A cute bow accent on the ankle completes this adorable look! Available in four colors for a variety of outfits and occasions.

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That's just a small selection of what we have to offer for the littlest members of your family! Feel free to browse our infant collection for more inspiration for your little one. While it says "Girls" there, these socks aren't necessarily just for girls. Pick whatever you feel is right. You're going to be a great parent!