MeMoi's Guide to Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It might not ever feel like enough, but there are plenty of ways to show Mom you care. Start with MeMoi.

Mother's Day is right around the corner. While it might be a holiday created by card companies to some, it's a great opportunity to set aside some time for the woman who brought you into this world and made you the person you are today. Here we have some suggestions of things that might make her smile, but really, you know her best. She will love whatever you give her, because you're always going to be her little one, even if you've been bigger than her for quite some time.

First, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way: Mom Themed Stuff!


Congratulations Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set


Congrats Baby
This is the perfect gift for any expectant mother in your life. Celebrate the arrival of any little one with our Congratulations Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set. This perfectly plush sock set is covered in green hearts with a fleece foot feel to keep expecting moms cozy. The socks come in an adorable gift bag complete with a cute embroidered avocado family. Cozy sets for boys and for girls are also available.


Shop the Look: Congratulations Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set



Best Mom Ever Bamboo Crew 


Best Mom Ever
Whether it's a gift for Mother's Day or just a present to show her you care, our Best Mom Ever Bamboo Crew Socks are the perfect addition to Mom's wardrobe. These medium grey heather socks, printed with a Best Mom Ever message, are covered with textured pink and white hearts. Show Mom you care with these socks.


Shop the Look: Best Mom Ever Bamboo Crew




Best Mom Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set


Best Mom Gift Set
Your mom brought you into this world, so thank her with our Best Mom Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set. This perfectly plush sock set is covered in hearts to express your love, with a fleece foot feel to keep her cozy. The socks come in an adorable plush gift bag complete with an embroidered heart and beautiful script proclaiming, “Best Mom.”


Shop the Look: Best Mom Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set



Now we're onto stuff she can use on her day off - because, as we all know, she works way too hard and deserves to relax in style. Read on for some slippers, robes, and shawl options for Mom.


Nap Queen Sherpa Lined Slippers


Nap Queen Slippers
Hail to Mama, the almighty Queen. Our Nap Queen Sherpa Lined Slippers are perfect for those who know how to catch those mid-day Z’s. (There's absolutely nothing wrong with that!) A plush Sherpa fabric lining provides superior comfort to keep her cozy on the couch, and applique golden crowns make accents worthy of a queen. This one will be a crowning achievement in gift giving for sure.


Shop the Look: Nap Queen Sherpa Lined Slippers



Perfect Plaid Knit Shawl & Plush Lined Slippers 

Perfect Plaid Duo

Now this is what you call a dynamic duo - just like your mom and her favorite morning beverage. MeMoi has created the ultimate gift set for anyone who loves down-home comfort. Our stylish two-piece set features a low-cut cozy slipper with seriously soft sherpa-style lining and non-skid soles. This fuzzy, chunky-knit plaid design mirrors a beautiful matching shawl with generous shoulder coverage. Your mom talking about how cold she is will be a thing of the past.

Shop the Look: Perfect Plaid Knit Shawl & Plush Lined Slippers



Stripe Chenille Interchangeable Pom Pom Slippers


Stripe ChenilleEven when she's lounging at home, her ensemble should have a little bit of flair - not to mention a bit of whimsy. These warm and cozy slippers come with two sets of snap-on pom-poms for her decorating pleasure. Mix and match for whatever mood she's in. Non skid bottoms mean she can go about her morning routine - or well into the afternoon - with stable feet. Her weekend morning has never been so fun - or so snuggly!



And now, for a practical section. If your mom works and either is on her feet a lot or wear impractical footwear, we have a few things you could give her that'll ease the pain and strain. 



Pretty Kitty Ball of Foot Cushion


Pretty Kitty
Pressure’s on, and the shoes are still on, too. That’s because she slipped a pair of low-profile ball of foot cushions into her heels this morning. Now, she stands confidently and comfortably, knowing that these self-adhesive gel pads have her back, or more accurately, her feet. And look at how cute those cats are.


Shop the Look: Pretty Kitty Ball of Foot Cushion




Pretty Kitty Heel Cushion


Kitty Heel
Mom's dogs may be barkin’, but a cute kitty cat is what’s going to save the day, to match the ball of foot cushions! Breathable, comfortable, and kitten-patterned, Heel Relief Cushions from MeMoi improve the feel of flats, heels and wedges, whether they stay on for 5 minutes or a full day. Self-adhesive backs can move from shoe to shoe without losing stickiness.


Shop the Look: Heel of Foot Cushion



Lavender Scented Sore Spot Shoe Cushions


Lavender Shoe Spots
If one of her particularly beautiful but stubborn shoes rubs uncomfortably in a certain spot, or she's experiencing scattered soreness in different places on her foot, Sore Spot Shoe Cushions deliver that extra comfort and padding where she needs it the most. Self-adhesive comfort gel cushions can move around within her shoe or between different pairs without losing stickiness. Ideal for heel wearers who need gel comfort in shoes that cannot fit a full gel insert.


Shop the Look: Lavender Scented Sore Spot Shoe Cushions



Here are a bunch of socks with things that we have a hunch your mom might love. We might be wrong, but if you're dissatisfied, feel free to browse the entire women's sock section for inspiration.



Multi Cat Bamboo Crew Sock


Multi Cat
Did we guess right about your mom loving cats? Well, if we did our Cat Club Crew was designed especially for her. Whether she likes black cats, ginger cats, fat cats, trim cats, pretty kitties, itty bitty kitties, or all of the above, plus more, her favorite is sure to be featured in our image of an extended cat family. Our bamboo blend is so soft, it's purr-fection.


Shop the Look: Multi Cat Bamboo Crew Sock





Tropical Spaniel Bamboo Blend Crew Sock

Tropical Spaniel Crew

Your mom could use a vacation, and we gave her one, if only on her socks. Beaches, flip flops, and dogs - these are a few of Mom's favorite things. (If she doesn't like cats, she likes dogs. It's science.) We’ve brought them all together in the Tropical Spaniel Bamboo Crew Socks. Embroidered palm trees and rad pooches adorn these socks, with a design using the most quality materials to ensure all day comfort.

Shop the Look: Tropical Spaniel Bamboo Blend Crew Sock



Cinnamon Bun Bamboo Blend Crew Socks


Cinnamon Bun Socks
They're an indulgent breakfast, but if she doesn't want to indulge every weekend, she can give her feet a sweet treat in our Cinnamon Bun Chocolate Bamboo Blend Crew Socks. These socks are perfectly snug and secure, featuring an allover yummy embroidered bun pattern that looks so good you may start craving them. Bamboo blend gets softer with every wash, for a sock that will last.


Shop the Look: Cinnamon Bun Bamboo Blend Crew Socks



 Colorblock Pocket Lounger


Colorblock Pocket Lounger
Sometimes, all your mom probably wants to do is be cocooned in a wearable blanket. Our Colorblock Pocket Lounger is soft and sure to grant that wish of hers. We used the finest fabric to create this sweater-knit nightgown, featuring tonal patches and a front pocket on the hip. Keep warm and cozy in the cooler months with long sleeves and a breezy fit.


Shop the Look: Colorblock Pocket Lounger




Get Tropical T-Shirt Pajama Set


Get Tropical Set

Give her a staycation in our Get Tropical T-Shirt Pajama Pouch Set. Comfort? It’s in the bag – literally. These super soft PJs come in their own matching gift pouch for a built-in Mother's Day gift This two-piece set is easy breezy with a breathable cotton shirt and matching pajama bottoms for a full sleep ensemble.


Shop the Look: Get Tropical T-Shirt Pajama Set




Corgi Print Matching Pajama Set

Corgi Print

Paws-itively covered in this beloved dog breed, these Corgi Print pajamas will keep her cute and cozy, whether she's sleeping or hanging out around the house. Made with a breathable cotton-rayon blend, she'll rest easy knowing she can stay warm without being overheated - and you'll rest easy knowing you made a good choice. These pajamas are so doggone cute that she'll be looking forward to bedtime!

 Shop the Look: Corgi Print Matching Pajama Set



No matter what, you know your mother best, and we can only nudge you in the right direction. But what we do know is that everyone loves to feel comfortable, and we're great at making people feel comfortable. 

Head on over to Instagram or Twitter and show us your Mother's Day gifts with the hashtags #MeMoi and #MeMoiMothersDay. Be sure to tag us (@memoi) in your post so we can see everything about your little celebration of your number one from day one: Mom. Happy Mother's Day!