2021 Footwear Trends and MeMoi Styles To Pair Them With

Within every great shoe is a MeMoi sock.

Even though a lot of us left our house a lot less this past year, no outfit is complete without some kind of footwear. Many fashion publications like Who What Wear and Harper's Bazaar have predicted that certain types of footwear will be the hottest commodity, and the answers might surprise you. Heels? Sandals? Sneakers? Interesting. Nevertheless, nothing would make these shoes look better than a pair of MeMoi socks or tights to complete the look. Who knows - maybe this is what you need to leave the unstructured scene that was 2020 and step into a time where you feel more like yourself. Read on about the shoe trends of this year and what MeMoi socks you can pair with them. 


High Fashion House Slippers

Okay, so we did just talk about leaving 2020 behind, and we'll get to that, but let's linger there for a second. 2020 was the year of staying in, and since 2021 is shaping up to be more of the same (at least for a little whild), fashion houses have embraced what most of us have been wearing for a while now: house slippers, but make it fashion. These experimentations with color, fuzz, height, and shape are examples of designers' imaginations run wild. As a company that specializes in relaxing gear, of course MeMoi has several pairs of high fashion, designer level slippers for you to choose from. You'll want to wear these bad boys outside the house. (Though maybe pick a pair that you wear outside the house and a pair you wear inside. More slippers for you!)

The Cardi Slipper


Cardi Slippers
These glamorous mules feature an open toe design, a dual faux-fur band across the middle, and a cushiony, anti-slip rubber sole.


Shop the Look: The Cardi Slipper




The Brixton Loafer


Brixton Loafer
This loafer style slipper is a perfect union of plush comfort and haute couture, featuring a closed toe with lush faux-fur lining and metallic accents.


Shop the Look: The Brixton Loafer





Luxe Pom Pom Open Toe Plush Slippers


Luxe Pom Pom
An open toe is adorned with oversized pompoms that add some serious style to every step, and the plush lining is a snug hug your feet will love. 


Shop the Look: Luxe Pom Pom Open Toe Plush Slippers





Strappy Sandals

Sandals bring a certain type of hope for warmer weather, for the outdoors, and this variety of sandals elevates this simple spring and summer shoe. This image can be seen pictured here, interpreted by several runway designers for winter 2021. (They're not always heeled.) For this trend, the traditional low slung strappy sandal is being abandoned for a model that wraps around the ankle, much like the gladiator sandal trend of several years prior. This style puts emphasis on the wearer's ankle and elongates the leg. While this style can be worn with bare feet, we think it looks best with bold, stark, opaque tights that provide a contrast between the leg and the shoe. Here are several MeMoi choices that we find appropriate:

Gloss Opaque Tights


Gloss Opaque Tights
Perfect for everyday use or anytime you need a hint of polish, these tights provide the comfortable leg coverage you need, while deep gloss definition elevates your look from dull to luster, making black sandals stand out.


Shop the Look: Gloss Opaque Tights





Completely Opaque Control Top Tights


Completely Opaque Tights
Your legs will feel completely soft and super comfortable throughout the day in our must-have MeMoi Opaque Tights, whose super dense material contrasts well with lighter shoes.


Shop the Look: Completely Opaque Control Top Tights




 Liquid Metal Opaque Tights

Liquid Metal Opaque Tights
We decided to go crazy with the metallic yarn, and the results are stunning with a pair of tights that give off a dramatic glitter with every step and add head-turning style to any outfit. 

Shop the Look: Liquid Metal Opaque Tights







Color Block Sneakers

You'll be the coolest kid on the block (get it?) with the oncoming spring/summer trend of color block sneakers. This has bee popular among teenagers for years, but grownups are getting their turn with the trend, an opportunity to play around and have fun with their footwear. What is a color-block sneaker? It's exactly what it sounds like - different sections of color peacefully co-existing on one sneaker. Here's just one example of the endless possibilities for one of these bad boys. "But that's so chaotic!" you might say. But that's what's so fun about it! We recommend you go totally off kilter and match a pair of novelty socks to your color block sneakers, something equally as fun. Here are a few of our suggestions. Click here to browse all of our novelty products.


Ice Cream Sundae Bamboo Crew Novelty Socks

Ice Cream Sundae
Our Ice Cream Sundae Bamboo Crew Novelty Socks feature heaping scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry goodness, topped with sprinkles, maraschino cherries and indulgent chocolate syrup. 

Shop the Look: Ice Cream Sundae Bamboo Crew Novelty Socks




Pineapple Sunglasses Bamboo Blend Crew Socks

Pineapple Sunglasses
 We’ve covered these socks in pineapples, giving each a pair of slick shades for some extra fun style. 

Shop the Look: Pineapple Sunglasses Bamboo Blend Crew Socks






Food Trucks Bamboo Blend Crew Socks

Food Trucks Socks
 Our Food Trucks Bamboo Blend Crew Socks celebrate those traveling purveyors of deliciousness. A super soft rayon from bamboo blend offers all day comfort, and a unique pattern of colorful food trucks.

Shop the Look: Food Trucks Bamboo Blend Crew Socks





Kitten Heels

Finally, the fashion world is catering to normal people. Gone is the unwieldy, intimidating stiletto and here instead is the much more kind, generous kitten heel. Oft teased by fashionistas as shoes for the elderly, the kitten heel is now seen as a cute, practical alternative to uncomfortable, impractical higher heels. Available in Mary Jane varieties for an extra level of sweet or a simple design for a classic shoe, these heels bring back old school in the best way. We think these shoes pair best with bobby-sox anklets, so here are a few varieties of those:

On The Dot Anklet Socks

On The Dot Anklets
These adorable nylon anklets feature an eye-catching dots design that’ll look good on your feet, no matter the footwear, but especially in your brand new kitten heels.

Shop the Look: On The Dot Anklet Socks





Berry Cherry Rhinestone Sheer Anklet

Berry Cherry Anklet
This super neat sheer sock has a reinforced toe and heel, adding an extra layer of durability to these funky nylons. This fruity low-cut sock adds a fun element to any outfit and works well with your funky kitten heels.

Shop the Look: Berry Cherry Rhinestone Sheer Anklet




Botanic Bunches Sheer See-Through Anklet Socks

Botanic Bunches

Between the sheer fabric and the allover floral print, MeMoi Botanic Bunches Sheer See-Through Anklet Socks let through just a peek of skin. Show off the ample ankle-height pattern in your new kitten heels.

Shop the Look: Botanic Bunches Sheer See-Through Anklet Socks





Now that you've had a taste of what's in store for shoes this year, it's your turn to be the fashionista we know you are! Head over to social media (Instagram, Twitter) and post your shoe and sock/hosiery pairings with the hashtag #MeMoiFashion. Be sure to tag us in the post (@memoi) so we can see your amazing creations! Happy vogueing, friends. Until next time, your friends at MeMoi are signing off!


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