Lavender-scented Sore Spot Shoe Cushions

$ 8

Style#: MG-544F

If one particularly beautiful but stubborn shoe rubs uncomfortably in a certain spot, or you’re experiencing scattered soreness in different places on your foot, Sore Spot Shoe Cushions deliver that extra comfort and padding where you need it the most. Self-adhesive comfort gel cushions can move around within your shoe or between different pairs without losing stickiness. Ideal for heel wearers who need gel comfort in shoes that cannot fit a full gel insert. Six spots measure 1.25” by 1".

  • Six gel cushions per pack
  • Spots measure 1.25" by 1"
  • Self-adhesive backs can be adjusted or moved between shoes
  • Pleasant lavender scent
  • One size fits any shoe
  • Fabric: 100% polyester; Gel: 100% polyurethane
Fiber Content: 100% polyester; Gel: 100% polyurethane

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