Love Is In The Air: MeMoi's Guide to Valentine's and Anniversary Presents

Did you know that socks are a unique gift that can show your sweetheart you care? Well, MeMoi does.

Ah, love. There's nothing better. The butterflies in your stomach, the flutter in your heart when you see them, the sheer anxiety of not knowing what to get them for a gift - wait, not that last part. If Valentine's Day or a big anniversary is coming up and you're not sure what to get your sweetie, don't fear - MeMoi is here. Socks can be the perfect main attraction or add-on to a more expensive gift, depending on where you're at in your relationship. Read on for MeMoi's official guide on how to please your love, whether you're one month or ten years in!

Just so you know, we're giving all kinds of options for men, women, and others, so don't feel bogged down by "traditional relationships." Give your sweetheart what you think they'll like, regardless of what gender is attached to the garment on the website. (That's just for sizing purposes - many of our items are gender neutral!)

Early on in the relationship...

You're still in the honeymoon phase, and this is your first big occasion as a couple. Will this be a lasting thing? When things are new like this, it can be hard to figure out what gift will make them smile. Here are a few ideas from us to you:

Honey Bee Crew Socks


Honey Bee Crew Socks
You're probably at the point where you've started giving each other pet names. What better gift for your "honey" than our Honey Bee Crew Socks? These socks are decorated with gorgeous golden honey bees, set against the backdrop of the hive's honeycomb rendered in rich, contrasting colors. Our bamboo blend is soft against their skin, and more gentle on the planet than other options. Available in grey, blue, and black, so you can get a matching pair for yourself or get them a color they will love.


Shop the Look: Honey Bee Crew Socks


Sweetheart Low Cut Socks

Sweetheart Low Cut Socks

Show them they're your "sweetheart" with these Sweetheart Low Cut Socks. Adorned with polka dots and little red hearts, these socks are available in black and white, so get them both! Whether you're lounging or out running, this unique blend of cotton and acrylic fabric makes these socks more comfortable than any other of their kind. Get these for yourself or someone you love, on Valentine's Day or any other day!

Shop the Look: Sweetheart Low Cut Socks 



Puppy Love Bamboo Crew Socks


Puppy Love Bamboo Crew Socks
They call this phase of the relationship "puppy love", so why not get an ode to that feeling? Little white lap-sized Yorkies with little pink tongues that match little pink hearts, adorn these super-soft bamboo-blend socks from the cuff all the way down to the toe. Perfect for a silly sock day, or just a quiet allegiance to man’s best friend - and your budding relationship! Available in pink and black.


Shop the Look: Puppy Love Bamboo Crew Socks 



When you want to say I love you but just don't know how! 

Taking that big leap is scary because once you going into the "ILY" zone, there's no going back. You have to be sure. But what if the words won't come out? You should try saying "I love you" with a pair of socks. Yes, yes, we know it's unconventional, but you're no ordinary person. Read on for a few options.


I Woof You Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set


I Woof You Gift Bag Set
When all else fails, tell them you love them in a "punny" way. Fall "in woof" with our I Woof You Cozy Sock & Gift Bag Set. This perfectly plush sock set is covered in hearts for the pup you love and fleece to keep you cozy. The socks come in an adorable plush gift bag complete with an embroidered, rose-bearing French Bulldog and the message “I Woof You.” They'll be rolling their eyes, but they're sure to say it back.


Shop the Look: I Woof You Cozy Socks & Gift Bag Set


Kitty Love Bamboo Crew Socks


Kitty Love Crew Socks
We've already talked about puppy love, and there are love birds, but what about kitty love? Experience it for yourself in a pair of our Kitty Love Bamboo Crew Socks. Soft bamboo blend fabric provides all day comfort and a backdrop for the two adorable embroidered kittens who sit on your ankle with tails entwined. You can pretend that these two cats are you and your sweetheart, and tell them you love them that way - that you're purr-fect for each other.


Shop the Look: Kitty Love Bamboo Crew Socks


Love Heart Crew Socks


Love Heart Crew Sock
You can show your sweetheart that you're head over heels - and proud of it - with our Love Heart Rainbow Crew Socks. Quality fabric and plenty of care went into these socks, giving them toe to ankle comfort and a colorful burst of style that reminds everyone what really matters. Love is love, no matter what kind, and you should feel free to say it.


Shop the Look: Love Heart Crew Socks



 Little "just because" gifts

These are some gifts to show your love that you've been thinking of them. They can be for a random "versary" or a random Tuesday - just a little something that's personalized to their tastes. A pair of socks to wear while you're both taking an evening stroll? The perfect pair for when they're playing their favorite sport? We even have examples of matching options. Whatever the purpose of these socks, here are a few options to show that you've been paying attention for all this time:

Money Bag Cash Print Socks

Money Bags Socks

This could go one of two ways. You're either telling your sweetheart they're worth a million bucks, or that they're priceless - either way, super adorable. This comfortable bamboo blend sock is decorated with dollar signs, bills, and stacks. Don't spend them all in one place! Available in black and navy.

Shop the Look: Money Bag Cash Print Socks




Puppy (Men's) Bamboo Crew Socks


Puppy Men Bamboo Crew
 If they're a diehard dog person or simply a casual fan, these Puppy Bamboo Crew Socks are for them. Covered from top to bottom with various breeds of dogs, with both brown and blue eyes, these adorable socks are surefire conversation starters. Made from a bamboo blend that gets softer with every wash. A smaller variety is available for matching sweetheart socks!


Shop the Look: Puppy (Men's) Bamboo Crew Socks


Popcorn Bamboo (Men's) Crew Socks


Popcorn Crew Socks
Ah, remember the movies? If the movies are something you two have bonded over, these are the perfect pair of socks for your sweetheart. Our Popcorn Bamboo Blend Crew Socks are perfect for movie nights-in or stepping out to the theater (when it's safe of course!). A super soft bamboo blend is made using the best bamboo blend fabric and features fun, embroidered popcorn buckets. A matching smaller size is available for sweetheart socks!


Shop the Look: Popcorn Bamboo (Men's) Crew Socks


Anniversary add-ons? No problem!

First, let us start by saying that this should be a gift IN ADDITION to whatever you're getting them, not the main attraction. We shouldn't have to tell you this, but just in case you weren't aware.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way - it's your first BIG anniversary and you want to get your lovebug (or duck, or babe, or whatever inside petname you have for them) a little something extra with their super personal gift. They'll really appreciate the little something extra, and you'll feel good knowing that it has brought you that much closer together.

Thorns & All Metallic Floral Crew Socks


Thorns Metallic Crew
If they love flowers, they'll love these crew socks, where they're climbing steadily up the leg. Big blooms and gold metallic-stitched leaves convey the majesty of this timeless flower. Make a statement with a knee-length skirt or shorts and low shoes, or keep the details as your little secret under a pair of long pants. These cotton-blend crew socks are a go for comfortable daylong wear, thorns and all. Available in 3 colors.


Shop the Look: Thorns & All Metallic Floral Crew Socks


Asher Striped Sock


Asher Striped Sock
If they're looking for a sock that's both funky enough to wear out with friends, but also appropriate for work, this would be the perfect add-on to surprise them with. The Asher Striped Sock is all about big and bold. This cotton blend sock features wide, multicolored stripes on shaft, and smaller uniform stripes on foot. Available in 2 varieties, so pick which one suits your love best!


Shop the Look: Asher Striped Sock



Studs & Stones Studded Rhinestone Anklet Socks


Studded Rhinestone Anklet
 Now these are special - you can help them glam up their sock game with the Studs and Stones Rhinestone Anklet Socks. This modish option will have onlookers gazing at their marvelous sense of style. (You already knew that though.) Bold yet elegant, these anklet socks dress up any casual outfit or make a statement when paired with a refined outfit. Either way, they won’t be able to get enough of this glitzy option.


Shop the Look: Studs & Stones Studded Rhinestone Anklet Socks


That's just a small selection of the products we have to offer - and what you can. choose for your loved one. Now head on over to any of the social media outlets listed below and make a post tagged #MeMoiValentinesDay or #MeMoiAnniversary, showing us what you've got. Be sure to tag us (handles in the image below) so we can see your stuff and interact with you!