MeMoi's Back to School Socks - For Everyone!

The summer has drawn to a close, and schools all across the nation are reopening (or have already reopened!) in various configurations. Things can be a little confusing, with studying split between home and school, Zoom sessions on the couch, and whether the dress code is still even a thing!

One thing that shouldn’t be confusing is what kind of socks your kid is wearing. No matter what the school year looks like for them, you can make sure that they’ll be wearing socks that are comfortable, cozy, and make them feel like themselves. We all learn best when we feel our best. MeMoi has options for you!

Below is our guide to socks for every kid in your family - boys, girls, and something for everyone! We cover at home learning, in person learning, and even private school uniform requirements. So take notes! There will be a quiz after the article is concluded. (Just kidding about that last part.)


Kids Midcut Socks 3-Pack

Kids Midcut Sock 3-Pack

Sometimes, what you need is the simplest sock possible, and as many of them as possible. Cue this 3-pack of quarter socks, available in multiple colors. If you buy a bunch of the same color, they're impossible to mismatch, easy to wash, and at just $9, affordable enough to stock up on. If your kid doesn’t care that much about the socks they put on their feet (these kids do exist!), or if you still pick out their clothes, do yourself a favor and invest in a few packs of these socks for the school year. They’ll pay for themselves within one wash. You’ll thank us later - not to mention yourself.

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Mustache Mood Lowcut Socks Six-Pack

Mustache Mood Lowcut Socks Six-Pack

These socks are for the goofy boy who drew a mustache on his face with Magic Marker, not realizing it would stick around a while. Now he can fulfill this wish without having to wear the evidence on his face for days! With six varieties of the most fun type of facial hair, your favorite class clown can impress his friends over Zoom with high kicks and tricks, all while keeping his skin - and your sanity - intact. With six varieties, they will be extremely fun to mix and match, and will keep him entertained long after the novelty of staying home for school wears off. (And if he’s back in school, he’ll have one more thing to show off to his friends!)

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Guitar Bamboo Blend Crew Socks

Guitar Bamboo Blend Crew Socks

If you have a young Jimi Hendrix in the making, these socks are a must have. Emblazoned with all sizes, shapes, and colors of electric guitars, this is the next best thing he can have to that brand new instrument he’s been saving up his allowance for so he doesn’t have to play that busted hand-me-down anymore. It’s really the little things that allow you to express yourself, and your guitar hero deserves that extra flair when he’s at school all day, daydreaming about selling out Madison Square Garden. Make sure he’s got the comfiest option with MeMoi. Comes in Black, Grey, and Navy. 

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Boys Ribbed Dress Socks

Boys Ribbed Dress Socks

If your boy is back in school, and if that school is a private school, there most definitely isn’t room for a novelty sock with his pressed uniform. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t look the part of the schoolboy. These ribbed socks, available in three colors, go well with many school uniforms, whether religiously affiliated or otherwise. Plus, these can double as socks for formal events such as weddings and other events where he’ll need to look a little more spruced up than the average Saturday morning. You both will get extra use and value out of this inexpensive, worthwhile purchase. 

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Dino-Mite Boys Slippers

Dino-Mite Boys Slippers

If your boy wants to take his at-home schooling one step further, he can wander around the house in these bad boys. Electric green fuzz on the inside keeps his feet warm, while non skid bottoms make sure he doesn't go slipping and sliding around the place when he's taking advantage of not being trapped behind a desk or table during his "lunch period". Perfect for houses with a no-shoe policy!

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Breakfast 10-Pack Low-Cut Socks

Breakfast 10-Pack Lowcut Girls Socks

It’s time for breakfast all day! Grab a pack of these breakfast themed low cut socks for a complete and balanced outfit. Each pack comes with both solid colored socks and striped socks with cartoon toasters, bacon slices, eggs, and more. Mix and match this huge collection of socks for tons of fun and a way to make learning at home way more entertaining. And at just $12, this pack will last you the whole year - through breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

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Girl’s Knee High Uniform Socks

Girl's Knee High Uniform Socks

Say goodbye to itchy knee highs! If your girl is back to private school this year, these socks are a must have for her uniform wardrobe. Available in navy, white, grey, and black, these socks fulfill the requirements for many types of school uniforms, while being comfortable all day long. At just $5, you’re going to want to stock up for the entire year - just five or six pairs, with good care, will last you a long time for a small investment.  

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Leopard 2-Pair Fuzzy Socks

Leopard 2-Pair Fuzzy Socks

When remote learning is the name of the game, your girl deserves the coziest, comfiest socks there are. Enter this delightful pack of fuzzy mid-cut socks. Available in pink and white stripes and a funky leopard pattern, she will be looking stylish and cool for back to school. These socks can also fit with boots for a back-to-physical-school look, with a hint of color that she can continue to wear once she gets home. 

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Peace Out Girls Slippers

Peace Out Girls Slippers

Your girl might be conflicted about studying at home, but these slippers will definitely convince her to give peace a chance. White-as-clouds fuzz on the inside will keep her feet warm, while non-skid bottoms will make sure she's not falling down when she runs around the house during her "recess". Comfy and groovy!

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