Clothing Storytime: MeMoi's Guide to a Perfect Day Off

You've been working so hard, and now you're finally getting a day off. Time to shed those day-to-day duds and slip on some comfy loungewear. But when you look in your closet at the beginning of the day, still in your pajamas from the night before, you realize that your day off deserves a special house outfit, something brand new.

We here at MeMoi are here to take you through our guide to a perfect day off. 

When you wake up, you're wearing our.... Corgi Print Matching Pajama Set.


Corgi Print Matching Pajama Set
Pretty cute, right? This allover corgi pattern might just be the thing to wear all day. On the other hand, you have been wearing these all night, and it'll be nice to revisit them again at the end of the day. It's definitely prime time to change into something fresh and made specifically for lounging around the house. You get out of bed, wander over to your dresser, and rifle through until you find your perfect match...




The Colorblock Lounge Set!

Colorblock Lounge Set

This sweater-knit set, featuring top and pants with tonal patches and a front pocket, will be the perfect set to do, well, nothing in all day. You deserve to keep warm and cozy, especially now in the cooler months. Lightweight, but still with long sleeves and a comfort waistband, you're all set for your ensemble choices. But wait - you're still a little cold? Well, how about trying a robe on for size? Might we recommend...


The Quilted Robe!


Quilted Robe
This robe has everything you need to wrap this whole relaxing day ensemble together. A diamond quilted collar and cuff offer a traditional and timeless look, featuring bold trim to add some striking style without being flashy. Large pockets and a matching belt sash tie it all together – literally. So that has you covered from head to...not quite toe. You absolutely need some slippers to get you ultimately cozy. Why not try...




The Wispy Pom Pom Luxe Slipper!

Wispy Pom Pom Luxe Slipper

Now look at this and try and tell us you're not entranced. This is a dandy of a slipper on an expertly knitted frame with supremely decadent sherpa-style lining. White, furry pompoms add a touch of playfulness and whimsy, while non-skid soles prevent sliding. And, would you look at that, it matches your beautiful robe and comfy lounge clothes. 



You've had a great day. Browsed Netflix, ordered takeout, maybe got a few chores done if you were so inclined. Now you're tired and ready to go to bed. But wait, why should you go to bed in your lounge clothes when you can put on fresh bed clothes? Might we suggest...

The Enchanted Romance Embroidered Chemise!


Enchanted Romance Embroidered Chemise
After a day of self care, it's going to feel amazing to romance yourself a little bit. Adorn yourself in dreams of spring with this luxuriously soft chemise, elegant and whimsical in its design with a faux-floral V-neck and cinched texture below the chest. This easy, breezy garment will be perfect to relax in underneath the covers. If your feet get cold, get ready to feel ultimate comfort with...




Tranquility Plush Lined Slipper Socks!


Tranquility Plush Lined Slipper Socks
These socks match your lovely chemise in a fun, funky way. A heavy knit adorns these socks, made from the finest yarn and woven into beautiful patterns that accentuate the alternating stripes. Slip these socks on for a cozy night with an extra thick design that’s sure to keep you nice and toasty. Plus, with a no slip bottom, you'll have no trouble getting out of bed in the morning wearing these.



 With that, you drift off to sleep. Rinse and repeat another time, yes? You had a great, comfy day, all thanks to MeMoi.


Now this is just one way you can go with your lounge outfit. There are so many more possibilities! Browse our collection of loungewear, robes, and slippers for inspiration. There are many ways your day off can go. Let MeMoi guide you along the way.