Big Girl Panties: MeMoi's First Timers' Guide to Flirty, Fun Lingerie

If you're the type of girl who doesn't think too much about what's underneath, finding a pair of sophisticated undergarments might be a daunting prospect. Lace? Mesh? Thongs?! What is all this? You might wonder why you should bother treating yourself to something special. It's all too confusing!

But fear not, sweet friend, you are not alone in this journey toward more mature underwear. You deserve to look and feel your best. Graduate from day of the week undies with MeMoi's selection of lingerie, geared toward the modern woman.

Start your new year off right with some new underwear!

First up, if you want to feel secure at a formal event: Shaper Slip


Shaper Slip


Slip into something a little retro with our Shaper Slip. The supportive brassiere and slimming dress work wonders beneath a longer gown for a glamorous event, or beneath a more business like skirtsuit/dress for the workplace. So comfortable that you can even lounge around in it when you get home from your long day or night! Available in nude or black to suit many situations and color schemes. Throwbacks have never looked so good!

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When you're feeling a bit cheeky, so to speak: Chantilly Lace Thong

Chantilly Lace Thong
Whether this is the first time you're buying a thong or the fiftieth, the Chantilly Lace Thong is a great addition to your big girl lingerie collection. The soft lace and delicate white color is offset by the more sensual cut of the undergarment to create something that's good for both showing off or keeping to yourself. For comfort and a bit of flirty fun, look no further than this light as air underwear.




Shop the Look: Chantilly Lace Thong

If you're not just dressing for yourself, wow them with this number: Shaping Bodysuit with Underwire

Shaping Bodysuit with Underwire
For times when you've got someone to impress, let our sexy black bodysuit do the talking for you. Built-in shapewear accentuates your natural figure, while the built-in underwire brassiere provides the support you need. Wear this beneath a dress, as a bolder tank top with jeans, or on its own in a more relaxed, intimate setting. When you wear this bodysuit, you're guaranteed to leave whoever sees it speechless.





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Don't let your period stop you from feeling sexy: Love Luna Bikini Brief Period Panty


Love Luna Bikini Brief Period Panty


Don't let your period stop you from feeling flirty, fun, and confident in your undergarments. Love Luna's bikini briefs give you the support, coverage, and protection you need to go about your day to day without fear of leaking. Aside from their functions, the flattering cut accentuates your best parts, with lacy trim along the edges to give an otherwise relaxed cloth panty a touch of flair. Breathable cloth gives you relief from the discomfort of your period while the low cut adds a bit of risqué factor to the look. 

Shop the Look: Love Luna Bikini Brief Period Panty



For the girl with the devil-may-care attitude, might we suggest: Embroidered Mesh Bodysuit


Embroidered Mesh Bodysuit


Now this is a bold statement. When you want to leave next to nothing to the imagination, this embroidered mesh bodysuit is the number for you. Beautiful embroidered adorns areas normally kept under wraps for when you really want to celebrate your shape and your sense of style. Just slip this one piece on and you'll be ready to go - no hooks, buttons, or zippers needed. Breathable mesh makes this a breeze to wear for long periods of time. 

Shop the Look: Embroidered Mesh Bodysuit



Sophisticated doesn't just mean lace: Shaping Sports Bra


Shaping Sports Bra
Current sports bra just not cutting it? Our Slimme Shaping Sports Bra is your graduation to a more mature, sustainable option. Shaping technology and chest support keep you in place during the most intense of workouts, while a variety of colors and textures make this a bra you'll want to show off at the gym or even on a run in your neighborhood if you're feeling more confident. Pictured underwear not included.


Shop the Look: Shaping Sports Bra



When you ate a bit too much pasta last week but still want to feel gorgeous: Feathers Essential Cheeky Control Top Brief


Feather Essential Cheeky Control Top Brief
Everyone wants to feel their best, but sometimes, your body just doesn't want to behave itself, which can leave you feeling down in the dumps. Have no fear, this Natori control top brief is off to the rescue! The bottom's sensual cut flatters your legs and bum area, while a high rise waist cinches at your natural waist and smooths out an imperfections that you want to hide. Perfect as a date night companion, whether it's the first date or the fiftieth. You owe it to yourself to feel worth it, no matter what.


Shop the Look: Feathers Essential Cheeky Control Top Brief


If you're really, really feeling yourself this week: Feathers Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuit


Feathers Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuit


This takes showing off to the next level. We've partnered with Natori to bring you this Catwoman-esque bodysuit, with head to toe breathable lace. Just sheer enough to be scandalous, you can wear this beneath a skirt or dress at a formal event or with a pair of jeans as a more daring casual look. If you're really feeling bold, take this for a walk all by itself with your best pair of heels or boots for an ensemble that is sure to make heads turn. Test the limits of societal norms with this brave bodysuit.

Shop the Look: Feathers Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuit

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