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Lavender Scented Heel of Foot Cushion

Lavender-scented Heel Cushions for Shoes by MeMoi

$ 8.00

Black MG 544D
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Heel cushions keep those gorgeous new shoes out of the closet and on your feet all day long. The thin gel layer feels thick without messing with the perfect fit. Self-adhesive backs cling tightly without damage or residue and retain their stickiness so they can be moved to many more new pairs. Sick of shoe smell? The pleasant lavender scent helps eliminate that sweaty stink.

  • Thin profile doesn’t add bulk
  • Breathable fabric with self-adhesive backs
  • Can be adjusted or moved between shoes
  • Pleasant lavender scent
  • One size fits in nearly any shoe
  • Fabric: 100% polyester; Gel: 100% polyurethane


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