Walking in a Winter Wonderland: MeMoi's Guide to Holiday Wear

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

For some people, the Christmas season starts as soon as September ends. And what better way to show your holiday spirit than with some holiday gear? The Memoi Holiday Collection not only offers socks for the season, but tights and pajamas too, designed to get you pumped for wintertime. No matter what you celebrate (or if you don't celebrate at all), we have something for you. All socks are made of soft fabrics, for a sock you'll want to wear again and again. 

Click here to browse through our whole holiday collection. Read on for a sampling of what we have to offer this holiday season!

Punny Holiday Socks

Happy Challah Days Holiday Crew Socks

Challah Days Holiday Crew Socks

No need to plotz, have a festive holiday season in our Happy Challah Days Holiday Crew Socks. These socks were built for day-through-night comfort, made from the most high-quality yarn for a cozy foot feel to get you through the holidays. If your uncle's jokes aren't funny, at least these socks are!

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Pizza On Earth Holiday Socks

Pizza On Earth Holiday Crew Socks

Pizza on earth and good will toward men...wait, is that how it goes? Well, it should be. These pizza themed holiday socks put a spin on the holiday saying, with a big old slice of pizza masquerading as a Christmas tree. Words and stars are studded with sparkles for extra flair. Wear these at your family get together for a conversation starter with distant relatives. A crowd pleaser for sure!

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Happy Llama Days Novelty Socks

Happy Llama Days Holiday Crew Socks

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with llamas? These "punny" socks are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face. The llama pattern is crafted from soft, fuzzy yarn for extra plushness and the closest experience you'll get to hanging out with a llama in real life. Hats and scarves complete the llama look, which real llamas certainly wouldn't appreciate, so it's probably best that you're sticking to these socks instead. 

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Animal Holiday Socks

Holiday Scotties Crew Socks

Holiday Scotties Crew Socks

What could be more charming than a crew sock covered in scotties? Sure, a dog would be great, but if a puppy for Christmas isn't in the cards for you this year, this is definitely the next best thing. In two outstanding shades, run don’t walk to get your hands on these this holiday season. Woof!

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Polar Bears Holiday Crew Socks

Polar Bear Holiday Crew Socks

Get your claws on these adorable Polar Bear Holiday Crew Socks this Christmas. Forget the ugly sweater, and rock these festive, novelty socks instead. Stand out in gulf stream blue or black. This is the closest you'll get to polar bears without getting really cold or possibly mauled - plus they're wearing bows, which they definitely would not be wearing in real life.  

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Flamingos Holiday Crew Socks

Holiday Flamingos Crew Socks

If you're normally in the tropics for the holidays, our Flamingos Christmas Holiday Crew Socks Socks will have you dreaming of a pink Christmas, especially during this particularly stranded-at-home year. Bright pink flamingos adorn a soft blue background not unlike an Aruban skyline. Besides, there's no way you're getting close enough to a flamingo in real life to get a hat on them, anyway, so maybe it's for the best that you're donning these socks instead. 

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Drink Themed Socks

Candy Canes & Cocktails Holiday Crew Socks

Candy Canes & Cocktails Holiday Crew Socks

Candy canes, cocktails - why not have both? With these socks, you can. Patterned with martini glasses, each individual glass has a candy cane stirrer in lieu of a toothpick, which admit it, is something you've always wanted to do but have never tried. Mysterious colors have you wondering just what's in these concoctions - and why you can't have one in real life! It's five o'clock somewhere, all winter long. Bottoms up!

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Christmas Cuppa Holiday Crew Socks

Christmas Cuppa Holiday Socks

Hot chocolate and warm feet go well together, especially at Christmas time, so slip on a pair of these decadent, holiday crew socks. You’ll have a cuppa good time in our amazingly rich crews. Pair these with an actual cup of your favorite holiday drink curled up on the couch - we can't imagine a better end to your hectic holiday season. Available in black and grey for whatever mood you're in, hot or cold.

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Santa Beers Mens' Holiday Crew Socks

Santa Beer Mugs Holiday Crew Socks

You’ll have a brew Christmas, that’s certain! Our Santa Beer Mugs Crew Socks were built for the guy who loves to kick back on the couch with a beer and watch the holiday drama unfold before him. Wear them to the office holiday party and strike up a conversation with the pretty lady in accounting who you've been too shy to talk to for months. These socks will give you the confidence, or at least break the ice.

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Christmas Cat Pajama Set

Christmas Cat Pajamas

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas this year is a super cool pajama set by MeMoi... and this dynamic duo really is the cat’s pajamas! The matching two-piece set features a pair of drawstring, feline patterned bottoms with matching novelty top. Nothing could be cuter or softer than our Christmas Cat PJ’s.

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Long Story Christmas Pajama Set

Our Long Story Christmas Pajama Set is the perfect pair of PJs when you’re waiting for the jolly man himself. This cozy pajama top and bottom holiday set was designed for all-night comfort to keep you sleeping easy even as visions of sugar plums dance through your head.

Shop the Look: Long Story 2-Piece Pajama Set

Our incredibly soft Christmas pajamas make the perfect statement this holiday season. You’ll want to stay inside as the snowflakes come down, nestled inside this cozy, comfy two-piece PJ set. This is a perfect gift for your sweetheart, even if that sweetheart is yourself. 
Naughty But Nice 2-Piece Pajama Set
Naughty But Nice Pajamas

We can’t help it if you’ve been naughty this year.... but we can help you find a nice pair of soft pajamas this Christmas! And our Naughty But Nice PJ Set is both seriously plush in the comfort department and jolly good in the novelty one.

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