MeMoi's Perfect Gifts for Him!

Whether it's your boyfriend or husband, your brother, your father, or a close male friend, guys can be so hard to shop for! Your typical gift guide for dudes might say power tools or ties, but you know what everyone needs? Socks! We here at MeMoi have the perfect socks for the special guys in your life this holiday season. Worried about cutting it close? We have super fast shipping so your gifts will get here in time for the holidays or any December birthdays. Shop ahead for the coming year, too!

Oh, man! Here come the best array of gifts you've ever seen.

First, let's start off with the basics. Every guy needs some no-frills, super serious socks in his sock drawer, and MeMoi has that covered. Read on...

Men's Classic Crew Socks (3-Pack)


Mens Classic Crew Socks
Here's the ultimate low key sock with triple the value! Our classic black men's crew sock receives a fitting update with the added benefit of a seamless toe, making these one of the most comfortable pair of dress socks he'll own. They are a must-have addition to his sock drawer. These super-soft, everyday crew socks offer generous stretch and durability, and come in a convenient 3-pair pack for a guy who just can't get enough of basic black. Well worth the investment, for both him and you!


Shop the Look: Men's Classic Crew Sock


Jordan Striped Sock


Jordan Striped Sock
If your guy's looking for a sock that's great for both work and play, we've got a sock for him. He can slip into our Jordan socks for a subtle bit of trendy fun. These cotton blend socks feature contrasting stripes of various widths, up and down the full length of the sock. Choose between two varieties, classic muted colors or bright stripes, depending on what kind of guy your guy is. Either way, these will be a smash hit and a repeat on his sock circuit.


Shop the Look: Jordan Striped Sock


Men's Fancy Heels Cashmere Blend Crew Socks

Fancy Heels Cashmere Blend

How about something a little more fancy, huh? Like cashmere! Our men's cashmere socks are stylish while providing comfort for all day wear. A super soft cashmere blend creates a luxurious experience for your guy's hardworking feet. Contrasting heels offsetting an otherwise solid color scheme allow him to maintain decorum while still adding a little flair to a formal or business outfit. Available in grey and red for all kinds of sock moods.

Shop the Look: Men's Fancy Heels Cashmere Blend Crew Socks


Gabriel Two-Tone Dot Sock


Gabriel Two Tone Dot Sock
These socks, out of this featured section, are probably the most "out there" in terms of style, but he's going to love them if he even remotely loves fun. Our Gabriel socks are comfortable and versatile, fitting a variety of situations, both professional and personal. Our cotton blend is adorned with contrast dots: black features grey and white, grey features black and red, navy features dark green and bright blue. Why not get him all three so he can be dotty all over?


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Now that we have the more reserved stuff out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff! MeMoi sells a lot of silly, fun socks for men, meant to bring out a more playful side in them. We have more patterns than you can possibly think of, so here's just a small selection of our many, many novelty socks for men. Browse the whole collection here.

Football Bamboo Blend Men's Crew Socks

Football Crew Socks

In just a few months (hopefully!) the Superbowl is coming up, so get your guy the perfect socks with our Football Bamboo Blend Men’s Novelty Crew Socks!  Whether he's watching the big game at home or in the stands, these cozy socks are a great addition to any football fan's wardrobe. Adorned with a tossed football pattern and made from rayon-from-bamboo fabric, these socks are not only sporty and stylish, but sustainable. Available in black and grey.

Shop the Look: Football Bamboo Blend Men's Crew Socks


 Darts Bamboo Blend Crew Socks 2-Pack

Darts Bamboo Blend

Does he miss going to your local dive and shooting some darts with the guys? Well, our Men’s Bamboo Blend Darts Crew Socks are a fashion bullseye for any aficionado. This two pack includes a pair of fun socks that let everyone know who rules the board, with embroidered darts and dart boards in different colors. A second pair is included with a classic heathered design that complements any outfit. He can mix and match to his heart's content while improving his aim!

Shop the Look: Darts Bamboo Blend Crew Socks 2-Pack


Motorcycle Cashmere Men's Crew Socks

Motorcycle Cashmere Socks

Your guy was born to be wild, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be comfortable while he's off doing that. While he might not be joining Hell's Angels any time soon, our Motorcycle Cashmere Men’s Crew Socks are the next best thing to capture that rebellious spirit. They keep him cozy in the comfort of his own home or on the road with a super soft cashmere blend and featuring an allover motorcycle pattern. 

Shop the Look: Motorcycle Cashmere Men's Crew Socks



Rubber Duck Bamboo Blend Men's Crew Sock


Rubber Duck Socks
Rubber Duck(y) socks, you're the one(s)! These are the perfect gift for a playful guy who likes to have fun. Our Rubber Duck Bamboo Blend Socks are the perfect treat for his feet, with an allover pattern of adorable duckies that are sure to please no matter your age. Available in black and blue, so why not get him both and make bathtime lots of fun? (We recommend he doesn't wear these in the bath though. He can do whatever he wants, of course, but it might get soggy.)


Shop the Look: Rubber Duck Bamboo Blend Men's Crew Sock


That is just a small sneak peek at the wide selection MeMoi has for men, just to give you a taste and a few ideas. Feel free to browse our entire men's collection to see what else we have to offer - you won't be disappointed. Happy holidays to you from your friends at MeMoi!