MeMoi's Guide to Kids' Formal Clothes: Easter Edition

Ah, Easter. In theory, it's a much more somber holiday than Christmas, meant to celebrate resurrection rather than birth. But somehow, like Christmas, we've managed to insert other elements that have nothing to do with the original origin story. Easter bunnies? Easter eggs? What's that all about? And when exactly is Easter during any given year, anyway? (It's April 17th this year, for the record.) Even if you've been observing Lent, there are still a lot of questions left to be answered.

However, if there's one thing we do know at MeMoi, we know that Easter is a great opportunity to dress up your kids in simply adorable outfits and take lots of photos. At MeMoi, we've got the perfect finishing touches to little suits and dresses that will make photos just that much more special for years to come. (Even if the Easter Bunny at the local mall is a little scary sometimes.)

Boys' formal socks

Let's start off with some absolutely dynamite boys' formal socks, guaranteed to make your little man look even more dapper and sophisticated than he already is. We've got a range of plain to funky styles that will suit even the most discerning young fellow (as he should be!).  And on top of being stylish, we've prioritized comfort in our craftsmanship with ideal fabrics and cuts, so he'll feel great about wearing these socks all day long.

Boys Essential Ribbed SOck

Essential Boys Ribbed Socks

Let's get back to basics, shall we? Essential Boys Ribbed Socks work with uniforms at school and formal occasions alike, making them perfect for Easter. Mercerized cotton was spun for long-lasting durability, while the hand-linked toe seam won't rub uncomfortably or sit weirdly. Available in a variety of colors for many kinds of outfits.

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Houndstooth Boys Crew Sock


Houndstooth Boys Crew Sock

Our Houndstooth Boys Crew Sock take your boy's sock game to the next level, with their sophisticated pattern that will have people taking him way more seriously. Their cotton blend makes it easy to wear these all day, so his level of cool can stay at the top. Available in three colors, so get all three! Ideal for hanging at home, school, and formal situations alike - perfect for all the stages of a hectic Easter day.

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Colorful Boys Dot Crew

Colorful Boys Dot Crew

Our Colorful Dot Boys Crew Sock is a fun addition to just about any outfit! Whether for school, a playdate, or to spruce up his special Easter (or other holiday) outfit, these dark socks are covered with multi-colored dots with a coordinated toe for flair. Made with a cotton blend, your boy will have comfy feet all day long. Available in multiple varieties, so stock up!

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Girls socks and stockings

Whether your girl is a pretty princess or a little more rough and tumble, we've got the best socks and stockings for your best girl to rise and shine. Like with boys styles, we've got a range of simple to sophisticated styles that are sure to please even the most selective little lady (as she should be!). And with features such as soft material and comfort waistbands, these garments are comfy as can be for all day wear.


Sheer Blossoms Girls Tights

Sweet Blossoms Girls Sheer Floral Lace Tights

Sweet little blossoms dot these sheer floral tights, offering a formal look for little girls without something too "adult" for their liking. Delicate, small flowers raise slightly from the sheer fabric, their stems and leaves laying flat among the lacy backdrop. Delicate pattern tight is appropriate for formal and casual occasions.

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Speck of Spots Knee High Socks

A Speck of Spots Girls Polka Dot Knee High Socks

This on-point dot pattern knee high jazzes up dresses, skirts and pants for her best Easter look yet. Dozens of gold dots make their way from cuff to ankle, adding a layer of interest to a simple knee sock. A cotton-blend fabric brings breathable comfort to little feet, supporting all-day wear without a fuss. Available in multiple colors to suit her many moods!

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Step and Shimmer Girls Socks

Step and Shimmer Girls Ruffle Quarter Crew Sock

Influenced by ballerinas, made for little girls. Step and Shimmer Girls Ruffle Quarter Crew bring an ankle-to-toe glow to skirts, shorts and dresses. A tutu-inspired trim makes its way around the cuff, a beautiful, glittery add-on to the quarter crew. Shimmer thread is stitched throughout from cuff to toe. 

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Fun stuff for Easter morning

Before your kid dresses up for the day ahead, they're going to wake up and do a bit of a hunt around the house, right? It's only fair. Looking and feeling great on a deep search for candy is essential, so here are two of of our newest kids' slipper selections so they can start the day right.

Tie Dye Plush Kids Slipper

With our Tie Dye Plush Kids Slipper, your favorite kid will be taken to a far out place of relaxation. These fuzzy, plush slippers have a pastel color palette, perfect Easter egg colors for the best Easter morning ever. Open toes allow for foot freedom, while a removable strap in the back makes sure these puppies stay on all day long. Your little one deserves to feel groovy.

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Shaggy Fur Plush Kids Slipper

Our Shaggy Fur Plush Kids Slipper is a fuzzy good time for all kids alike, for Easter morning and any other morning! These close toed slippers are made of a shaggy, plush fabric with a hard sole and removable strap to make sure they don't slip and slide when they're walking around the home. Available in multiple colors - makes a great Easter gift!

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No matter what kind of Easter your family has this year, it's going to be a great one, thanks to MeMoi! So be sure to browse through our entire girls collection and boys' collection for more great choices.

How are you going to style your kids this Easter? Tag us on instagram at @memoi with the hashtag #MeMoiEaster to let us know!