Love is Love: MeMoi's Guide to LGBTQ+ Pride!

June is LGBT Pride Month! How are you celebrating?

June 28, 2021 marks 52 years since the Stonewall Riots, or Stonewall Uprising, which are considered by many to be the cornerstone of the fight for LGBTQ+ equality. What happened at a tiny bar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, lead by fearless trans individuals and POC, was the catalyst that lead to June being sanctioned as LGBT Pride Month. (October is LGBT History Month.)

According to The Library of Congress, "The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally" (LOC 1). Although the first pride event was indeed a riot, today's festivities "include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia and concerts", marking this as a worldwide event, not just USA-centric (LOC 1).

We here at MeMoi love our LGBTQ+ family and firmly believe that love is love, no matter who you are. Whether you're going out to events to honor your own own pride or that of your loved ones, or you're celebrating in your own quiet way, here's some MeMoi gear that will help you show your true colors, in public and in private. 

For our full official selection, you can browse our Love Is Love collection, so you can be out and proud this pride season. If you're looking for a more personalized guide for the whole family (yes, the whole family!), read on. Love is love! 

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Lightning & Rainbows Low Cut Tab Socks

Lightning & Rainbows

If you know, you know. These socks are ordinary in every other way (except for superior comfort, of course) but a small rainbow applique on the back heel. Barely visible over a lowtop sneaker or flat, it's a way to give a subtle nod to someone if you're not ready to speak your truth loud and proud yet. On top of that, they're a great conversation starter. Let those good vibes strike like lightning.

Shop the Look: Lightning & Rainbows Low Cut Tab Socks



Multicolor Rhinestone Anklet

Our Multicolor Rhinestone Anklet is the throwback LGBT pride item you never knew you needed! A rainbow of neatly stacked rhinestones adorn the ankle of this dark grey heather anklet sock for a shimmery look you can play up or dress down. A combed cotton-polyamide blend gives the fabric a subtle sheen that complements the bold sparkle of the rhinestones. A little camp, a little glam, a whole lot of fun and 100% you.

Shop the Look: Multicolor Rhinestone Anklet 


Rainbow Kids Unisex Face Covering

Rainbow Face Covering

Your kid is as special as all the colors of the rainbow, and they deserve a mask that will make them feel that way. Our Rainbows Kids Unisex Face Covering is covered in rainbows with a sky blue backdrop that boys and girls will love. All of our masks are dual layer with replaceable filter inserts that can be slipped between layers for extra protection. Plus, each mask comes with a matching pouch for convenient, sanitary transport. Breathe easy with MeMoi.

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 Rainbow Racer Stripe Leggings

Rainbow Racer Stripe Leggings

Add some pride to your workout or casual outfit in our Rainbow Racer Stripe Leggings. Understated in style, these leggings still make a statement that’s loud and proud with a vintage style racer stripe along each leg to brighten your day and your fashion. Like our Lightning & Rainbows socks, these are a piece that allow you to say something without having to speak at all. Start a conversation, or just keep on being your bold, beautiful self.

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We've shown you some rainbow gear, but how about some couple stuff? His and hers is so yesterday - how about His and His or Hers and Hers? You can be just as cheesy and adorable as your straight friends with our Matching Men's & Women's Novelty Socks!

Sweets Bamboo Men's Crew Socks

Sweets Bamboo Crew Sock

You know he's your sweet treat, but your socks can let everyone else know! These socks are perfectly snug and secure, featuring allover yummy embroidered snack cakes that looks so good you may start craving them. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone that you have a sweet tooth. Available in black and grey, so you two can mix and match to your heart's content



Sweets Bamboo Crew Socks



Shop the Look: Sweets Bamboo Men's Crew Socks

Available in Grey and Black




Bright Red Cardinal Crew

Cardinal Black

Can't you hear the birds singing with these sweetheart socks? Let her know she's your only lovebird, pride season and beyond, with a sock adorned with adorable allover embroidery featuring vibrant red perched cardinals. Available in black and white so you can match to your heart's content! Makes a great anniversary gift.




Cardinal White



Shop the Look: Bright Red Cardinal Crew Sock

Available in Black and White





Bicycles Patterned Crew Sock

Bicycles Grey Stripe

The couple that cycles together stays together, right? Well, we think that's how it goes. Anyway, you don't need a tandem bike to enjoy these novelty socks. A striped pattern is overlaid with charming stitched bicycles, guaranteed to remind you of warmer weather and happy days spent together. Available in Grey Stripe and Blue Stripe, so you can mix and match to your heart's content!



Bicycles Blue Stripe



Shop the Look: Bicycles Patterned Crew Sock

Available in Grey Stripe and Blue Stripe





Life Gives You Lemons Bamboo Crew Socks

Life Gives You Lemons Pink

When life gives you lemons, well, wear 'em! These summery lemon socks will have you and your lady love longing for warm months, lounging in the sun and drinking lemonade. Brightly colored and cheerful, you two will be the life of any party you go to - or give each other a reason to smile at home. Available in pink and teal, so you can mix and match as you please!



Life Gives You Lemons Teal



Shop the Look: Life Gives You Lemons Bamboo Crew Socks

Available in Pink and Teal





So there you have it! That's just a bit of what we have to offer for this Pride Month