Congrats! MeMoi's Guide to Graduation Presents

Congratulations! You did it!

Whether it's a high school diploma or a Ph.D, graduating from any school is a huge accomplishment. Of course, there will be the larger gifts - a car, jewelry, money. But what about a small token that shows pride and a sense of accomplishment, something that will create a happy memory associated with this moment?

A pair of socks or an accessory is a thoughtful, useful gift for any new grad.

Here we have some products for the grad in your life - even if that graduate is you - that will show how important their accomplishments are! A little gesture goes a long way.

Let's get the most obvious option out of the way:

Graduation Cap Bamboo Crew Sock, Men's and Women's

Graduation Crew

Perfect graduation gift, coming through! Our Graduation Cap Bamboo Crew Socks are a rich denim heather color with a pattern of black graduation caps with gold tassels. A men's variety is available for matching sweetheart socks! 






Graduation Crew
Shop the Look: Graduation Cap Bamboo Crew Sock


Shop the Look: Graduation Cap Men's Bamboo Crew Sock







Here are a few things your graduate might need for every day life, now that they're in the real world:

Unisex Face Covering 6 Pack

Unisex Face Covering

When you need face protection, you can count on MeMoiOur Unisex Face Covering  6-Pack is your ultimate kit for handling everyday life and staying safe. These simple cotton blend masks are made of one solid colored, seamless piece of cloth with simple earholes for a one size fits most face covering that's ready whenever you are. Perfect to throw in your pocket or your bag at a moment's notice. Each pack comes with one bonus mask for a 6 pack that's all about value and quality.

Shop the Look: Unisex Face Covering 6 Pack


Delicates Laundry Bag


Delicates Laundry Bag
Perfect for those new grown-up delicates you're acquiring, such as hosiery and more sophisticated underwear, MeMoi's delicates laundry bags are the only recommended way to wash your MeMoi hosiery and lingerie. Use for both hand washing and gentle-cycle machine washing to prevent your delicates from snagging or catching in the wash. This mesh laundry bag can also be used to safely store your MeMoi hosiery in your drawer.


Shop the Look: Delicates Laundry Bag


What's one thing new graduates often like to do after they finish schooling? If they have the resources, they like to travel! Here are some MeMoi finishing touches to your traveler's backpack that will make their trip a whole lot smoother.

Solid Lowcut Sock 10 Pack


Solid Lowcut Sock
If you want quantity AND quality, this multipack is just the thing for you. Our Solid Lowcut Sock 10 Pack gives you ten pairs of basic, lowcut socks in colors that will go with any clothes you have in your closet. Made of soft, comfortable fabric that is easy to wear all day long. Available in 3 separate sets for all of your multi-purpose sock needs. Perfect as a go-to sock for a backpacking trip in summer!


Shop the Look: Solid Lowcut Sock 10 Pack


Gardenia CBD Gardenia Scent Cozy Crew Sock


Gardenia CBD Sock
Unwinding after a long day on vacation? Benefit your body and your mind with our Gardenia CBD Gardenia Scent Cozy Crew Sock. This cozy crew sock is infused with CBD, naturally derived from hemp oil and completely THC free. This way, you can experience potential pain and anxiety relief without the "high" of traditional hemp products. As well as CBD, these socks are infused with refreshing gardenia scent, for a wholly relaxing experience. Wear these after walking around all day to see results.


Shop the Look: Gardenia/Gardenia Scent Cozy Crew Sock


When you land your first job or internship, you're going to want to look the part, right? Give your graduate some must have tools for success in the aesthetics department:

Perfectly Opaque Control Top Tights 2 Pack


Control Top 2 Pack
What's better than one pair of essential tights? Two, of course! A must-have addition to your legwear arsenal, our Perfectly Opaque Control Top Microfiber Tights deliver all-around coverage. Featuring a non-binding waistband that sits comfortably on your waist, and control top for added support and an overall smoother appearance. This two pack is available in either charcoal or black.


Shop the Look: Perfectly Opaque Control Top Tights 2 Pack


Men’s Luxury Microfiber Crew Socks 3 Pack

Luxury Microfiber

These will make a great first impression at the office - after all, you can’t beat the classics. Our Men’s Luxury Microfiber Crew Socks come in a pack of three, each pair featuring fine details that include diamond patterns and heavy stitching. Our innovative microfiber design offers satin-like softness for comfort throughout the day.

Shop the Look: Men’s Luxury Microfiber Crew Socks 3 Pack



Finally, here are just some fun gifts to tack onto a larger present just for kicks. These things are fun, or may come in handy as you traverse this thing called life. Enjoy! 

High Waisted Thigh Shaper Shorts

High Waist Thigh Shaper

Your friends are going to start getting married, and you're going to want to look best. Try this shaper on for size and see the difference! Enjoy enhanced compression from your waist to your thighs, assuring that your clothes fit just how you want them to. High-performance control panels target your tummy while giving your bum a boost. 

Shop the Look: High Waisted Thigh Shaper Shorts



Fine Gauge Cotton Seamless Liner 7 Pack

Fine Gauge Liners

This next one is practical through and through, but you deserve it - a great multipurpose gift! A super fine no-show liner sock, these cotton/nylon blend liners are cushy and durable. Featuring seamless toe stitching for extra comfort, these no show liners are available in a convenient 7 pack in either black or nude.

Shop the Look: Fine Gauge Cotton Seamless Liner 7 Pack



 Love Luna Bikini Brief Period Panty


Love Luna Brief
Alright, hear us out on this one... Our classic Love Luna Bikini Brief Period Panties will protect against life’s annoying and potentially embarrassing situations. What's better than that, right? With 4 layers of absorbency and protection guard against accidental leaks, MeMoi has you covered. Also a MeMoi approved postpartum recovery product, for moms who have gone back to school!


Shop the Look: Love Luna Bikini Brief Period Panty


So there you have it: MeMoi's official guide to graduation gifts. Though it may seem unconventional, we fully believe it's better to give grads gifts they will use as opposed to things that will just collect dust on their shelves. Feel free to browse the rest of our website for more ideas on how to make this momentous occasion even more special for yourself or someone you care about. Once again, congratulations!