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Wearing Socks With Heels: The Ultimate Guide

Socks with heels: seems a little… unnatural, doesn’t it? Heels were meant to be worn with stockings, no-show liners, or go bare with no legwear at all. So it’s pretty surprising to see a total reversal of the traditionally faux-pas socked feet with open shoes look.

But now, this funky pairing is unavoidable on the runway and on the sidewalk. The trend was everywhere during Fall 2017’s fashion month, pairing embellished, show-off-worthy crew socks with flats, pumps, and even strappy sandals. Close to a year later, this trend shows no sign of going out of style, making its appearances in the 2018 resort collections by designers around the globe.

So, how can you bring this far-out trend to life at home? Can you truly pull off this look when you step off the runway? The MeMoi Fashion Team has good news -- anyone can rock this wonderful new look!

How To Rock The Socks With Heels Look

Black High and Black Sheer Socks | Wearing Heel with socks | MeMoi Socks

Socks with heels may no longer be a crime against fashion, but that doesn’t mean you can put on any old pair of socks, grab any pair of heels, and call it en vogue. This look takes some careful curating and a little bit of night-before prep to pull it all together.

Feminine details keep this trend from crossing into “tube socks with sandals” territory. Think sweet and elegant: sheer fabric, shimmery thread, blooming embroidery and twinkling rhinestones are all wonderful options. Pattern placement makes a difference as well: florals on the leg would be a good match for a closed pump, while an allover polka dot pattern would be best showcased in a strappy sandal.

Consider the shoes you’re wearing as well. What’s the occasion? Are you heading to the office? How about a nice summertime wedding? Are you spending a night out on the town? The shoe type makes all the difference! You may not want to show a reinforced toe in a strappy sandal, for example, and you certainly don’t want to hide any patterns that may get covered up by a closed-toe pump.

Can't wait to start rocking this style? Shop the look below!


Don’t Know Where To Begin? Consider These Pairings

Black High and Black Sheer Socks | Wearing Heel with socks | MeMoi Socks

A subdued heel with a magnificent fishnet.

The socks and heels trend flips the narrative, turning socks into the star of your outfit. If you’re first dipping your toe in the water, keep your focus on the socks and socks alone. Pick a basic, classic heel and go wild with your sock choices!

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Botanic Bunches See-Through Anklet | MeMoi Women's Socks

Strappy sandals and sheer socks.

Because that fresh pedicure shouldn’t stay hidden all summer. Sheer socks come in a crazy amount of styles, shades, patterns, and playful new twists that you’ll want to show off. A strappy sandal fully embraces this trend, with plenty of openings to maximize sock exposure.

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Sheer Beauty Rose Garden See-through Ankle Socks | MeMoi Women's Socks

Closed-toe heels and socks with embroidery on the leg.

Think about how much of your foot is covered by the shoe when pairing socks with closed-toe heels. If your shoe encloses most of your foot, select a sock that has plenty of pattern showing on the leg.

Shop The Look: Sheer Beauty Rose Garden See-through Ankle Socks - $14

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