Look trim, toned and 10 pounds lighter--INSTANTLY!-- with MeMoi’s state-of –the-art SlimMe shape wear!

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How is it that a mere inch or two around the midriff and hips can mean the difference between fitting into that slinky dress comfortably or having to "suck it in” all night, regretting those late night visits to the fridge?    Life is too short for regrets!  Especially when it is possible to fit into that dress and immediately look 10 pounds slimmer—no self-deprivation required!  MeMoi’s SlimMe Full Control Slip does the work for you.  This light compression shape wear flattens your middle and smoothes the lower body, holding in the areas that need it the most while still showing off those killer curves— it reshapes, tucks and tones instantly!   Gone are the days of uncomfortable, restrictive shape wear.  MeMoi’s state-of-the-art design and fabrics mean looking fabulous and feeling carefree and confident CAN be a reality—for only $30.00!
SlimMe’s Full Control Slip is:
Made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex
Tag less and seamless for maximum comfort
Available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large
Available in black or nude
Machine washable in cold water
100% satisfaction guaranteed
In business for over 20 years, MeMoi was founded on the principle that every woman is beautiful and deserves impeccable products.  Developed by top industry experts, MeMoi understands what a woman is looking for when it comes to shape wear, lingerie and undergarments, using only high quality fabrics and cutting edge techniques in the fabrication of their products.  It is their desire that women will fall in love with their ultramodern shape wear which provides dramatic results at reasonable prices. 
For more information visit http://memoistore.com


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