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MeMoi: Stand Out in Style

It's just a certain look that 's instantly recognizable on sight, and requires no training or experience to recognize. That smart, crisp look that tells you that the person walking by knows how good they look. Their posture perfectly erect, gaze focused on their destination, they walk with purpose, confident in themselves and their presentation. Why settle for seeing it in others who you can have that look yourself? 

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Muse Ruby Flame Eyeglasses

There’s a new hairstyle that seems to be sweeping Hollywood: what would you be willing to do to get it for yourself? How pleased would you be if getting the latest, hottest hair look were as simple

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We bring better vision to everyone.

Glassia brings a confortable experience to every customers. We carefully test every glasses before distributing them to you. We also have modern eye testing equipments that can deliver proper testing results for your eyes. Come to Glassia for best protection for your eyes

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