SlimMe Body Shapers

With SlimMe Shapewear you are guaranteed to find a garment for your every lifting, shaping, and smoothing need. Slimming full body girdles, butt lifter garments to reduce the effects of gravity, and waist reducing waist cinchers... Braless Body Shaper.

Waist training is a gradual process of pairing corsets or firm compression shapers, like a waist cincher body shaper, with diet and exercise for a radically defined...

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Body Shapers:

MeMoi body shapers are highly rated by online consumers for perfect shaping and most comfortable fit.


From corduroy to denim, cotton to velvet, MeMoi leggings range from classic to funky to suit your everyday style.

Socks & Liners:

Crews, low cuts, knee-highs, foot liners and ankle socks, MeMoi socks are comfy, durable, fashionable and made with you in mind.


MeMoi sweater tights will compliment any outfit and keep your feet warm and cozy all winter long.

Slipper Socks: 

Brighten your day with lush, plush slippers from MeMoi. It’s not a sock and not a slipper so what is it?

High-Waisted & Complete Shaping:

MSL leggings by SlimMe boast the same shaping technology used in our SlimMe body shapers for extra shaping in just the right places.Visit today and be amazed.