Lavender-scented Extended Ball of Foot Cushions

$ 14

Style#: MG-544B

Step into long-lasting comfort, even in the highest of heels. Extended ball of foot cushions provide the comfort and stability of a full thick gel insole without the bulk or the ugliness. Self-adhesive backs stay secure in any style shoe. Sleek and breathable black fabric blends right in with dress shoes, while the pleasant lavender scent negates any unpleasant odors.

  • Thin profile doesn’t add bulk
  • Extends from ball of foot to heel
  • Self-adhesive back retains stickiness
  • Pleasant lavender scent
  • One size fits in nearly any shoe
  • Fabric: 100% polyester; Gel: 100% polyurethane
Fiber Content: 100% polyester; Gel: 100% polyurethane

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