Love Luna Period Briefs

Let’s be honest, we all have an embarrassing, awkward, and sometimes hilarious, leak story.
Love Luna was created by a team of women who have over 20 years of experience designing intimates, and who share the common bond of a leak story or two. This simple act of sharing their stories made them realize that enough was enough. It was time for a game changer.
Hate Leaks? Love Luna!
Our period briefs will protect against life’s annoying and potentially embarrassing situations.
4 layers of absorbency and protection guard against accidental leaks.
Wear as a back-up or with nothing at all; only you know your flow!
Make the change.
Less disposables = Less land fill = Improved environment
How They Work
All our briefs have 4-layer protection:
1. Soft cotton lining that sits closest to your skin
2. Absorbent, breathable layer with 2-way stretch to catch all those nasty spills
3. Waterproof layer to protect your sheets, clothing, and help prevent awkward accidents
4. Soft cotton or microfiber outer layer that looks like normal underwear; we know this is important