The Essentials - Fun Leggings, Capri Pants, and Socks

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MeMoi has a great selection of leggings, capri pants, and socks. A great mainstay in one’s wardrobe is a great set of leggings and capri pants. And a great way to complete a fun look through the seasons are pairs upon pairs of colorful, interesting socks.


Capri pants and leggings are great for casual wear because they’re stretchable and comfortable. Paired with a pretty blouse, or even a pretty dress, they complete a look that’s youthful and breezy.


Leggings are also rather versatile. You can pair them with dresses, aside from blouses. Work chic is effortless when you pair a crisp, elegant blouse with a good pair of MeMoi leggings in a neutral color. Black is always a classic, so be sure to have multiple pairs of black leggings.


Printed leggings are also a great way to showcase your quirky style. The summer look will be complete when you wear fun colors. Usher in autumn with a great pair of neutral tights. You could also live on the wild side and color-code with autumn with a good pair of red or orange leggings. You can even break the monotony of winter with loud colors such as yellow or lime green. The possibilities are endless, and with MeMoi’s extensive collection, you’ll have a great selection of pretty leggings and tights.


Lastly, the socks. Socks will either make or break a look. If you want a chic, elegant look, going sockless, or just going for toe covers is a great touch. But if you want a quirky, fun look, then go crazy!


Madonna’s rebellious 80s chic is brought back to life with lacy or net-type socks. MeMoi has great selections. Take a look at their Socks collection, and check out the models that have lacy detail. Some socks even have interesting patterns such as flamingoes. Some of their knee-high socks have beautiful detail on them that add a simple but quirky feel to your look. One pair that may come across as quirky-sexy is the “Buttonlap Chunky Knit Knee High,” which is simple and elegant, but with sass.


Your look will be made complete with the right clothing items and accessories. Choose the perfect, sexy leggings, capri pants, and top them off with the right socks, and your OOTD is complete!


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