Socks Off for Summer: Love Your Feet Through the Heat

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A pair of bare feet enjoy some vibrant green grass.

Enjoy our experts' tips for wearing socks and tights in warm weather, as well as suggestions for the best choices to stash in your travel bag.


There’s nothing quite like the first day of running barefoot through cool grass after a long, cold winter with your toes curled up in cozy wool socks and thick stockings. And there’s nothing better than digging those same toes into sand during a trip to the beach on a breezy sunny day. But even in the season of freedom for your feet, going totally bare or sashaying around in skimpy sandals isn’t always an option.


Here are some suggestions for making the most of those summer days and nights when you can’t parade your pedicure sans shoes:


Choose a breathable fabric, like bamboo. If you need a good sock to wear under sneakers or other closed-toe shoes for a day with lots of walking, make sure you choose something that will allow the sweat gathering around your feet to evaporate out. Fabrics with a bamboo base are known for superior temperature regulation, as well as excellent moisture protection. If you want to keep your toes cool and dry, bamboo is one of the best options. Other good choices include natural fibers like cotton and thinly woven hemp. Don’t go too thin on summer socks, though: pattering around town on a sweaty day can lead to chafing and blisters if you don’t have enough padding between your skin and your shoes.


Embrace minimalism with toe bands or shoe liners. Along with the benefit of being able to spend more time barefoot, summer is a boon for many fashionistas due to the increased practicality of peep-toe pumps, open-toe sandals and various strappy and cut-out styles that don’t fly nearly as high during inclement weather. But no matter how gorgeous your shoes are, it’s always smart to protect your feet. A toe band, a small strip of fabric attached to a thin sole pad, is a great way to protect the knuckles of your toes from chaffing and prevent the blisters that often result from those shoes you can’t wait to wear out all night. Additionally, a toe band offers traction, keeping your shoe in place, even on a foot that has worked up a sweat dancing at an outdoor wedding. If you choose a fashion toe band, such as MeMoi’s Forever Lace Toe Band, linked above, the product can also serve as a visible accessory by adding a bit of allure to your feet, whether they’re your best asset or something that could use a little dressing up. If you’ve foregone strappy styles for more traditional pumps or friendly flats, a shoe liner will help you keep your feet safe and secure, so you can enjoy the summer without constantly readjusting. For an added dose of fun, wear a bright liner under an eyelet flat, creating the illusion of a totally different shoe with layered color. Or, if you’re looking to dress up a plain pair of high heels, consider a liner with some trim that peeks above the edge of the shoe. For sneakers, embrace no-show, ankle-length, and crew-length socks to keep yourself comfortable.


A silhouette of bare feet stretching their toes toward a colorful sunset.Wear the right socks for the occasion. Whether you're jetting off to hike the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu, or staying near to home and enjoying local trails, don't put on your hiking boots without a quality pair of boot socks. The fashion world has finally embraced the fact that women have diverse interests, so quality boot socks that provide adequate protection and temperature control for your feet no longer need to be burly and dull. Choose a sock in a color you enjoy, perhaps even with feminine lace trim if that suits your personality. Whichever style you choose, your feet will thank you for the added protection on your hike.


Stay comfy and refresh your feet with fuzzy socks. If you are going abroad, make sure that you pack a pair of comfortable socks to wear on the plane. Aside from how cold the cabin is usually kept, a pair of plush socks can add a lot to your enjoyment of a long-haul flight. The soft touch can help you relax and doze off. Even if you’re not planning to show off your summer styles in Paris or Beijing, a therapeutic sock, like those Fuzzy Socks by MeMoi, linked above, with an aloe infusion can nourish the skin of your feet that might not be the biggest fan of the heat, rapid temperature fluctuations between your air-conditioned office and the outdoors, or constant pruning from pool chlorine or ocean water. Moisturize passively whenever you have a moment to relax indoors.


Keep cool and classy with lightly patterned sheer tights. If the idea of wearing long hosiery in the summertime makes your stomach turn, you're not alone. But sometimes the evening is just breezy enough that a pair of light, low denier tights, such as MeMoi's Petite Point Fashion Tights, is a perfect layer beneath your dress. Sheer tights seem a bit more fun with a pattern, whether simple or elaborate, and can take your carefree summer day look to an elegant night outfit as quickly and simply as you can roll them up your legs. 


No matter how you choose to spend your summer, MeMoi has socks that will keep you smiling and help you maintain the health and appearance of your feet. To our friends south of the equator, remember that we're here with toasty socks and sweater tights year round. Are you going anywhere fun this summer and wondering what to pack to keep your tootsies safe and satisfied? Let us know! We’re always happy to make recommendations.

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