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See The MeMoi Socks Our Staff is Rocking this 4th of July

Hey, not every summer day-off plan involves sitting barefoot by the pool.
In this blog, MeMoi staff shows off their Independence Day picks and tells us why they made the 4th of July cut.

fourth of july fireworks decorations | MeMoi Women & Men's Socks

Smack in the middle of the summer, barefoot in the grass or toes in the sand, bare legs against the warm summer breeze -- the 4th of July is not exactly a holiday that makes us think of parading around in socks. Most suitcases for this big weekend (or more accurately, that random Wednesday where the bank is closed) are overflowing with cute denim shorts, sporty swimsuits, and enough flip-flops to outfit an octopus.

But we didn’t forget the socks! Not because we have socks on the brain 24/7 here at MeMoi, but because our socks are so damn cute, we just can’t help ourselves.

While many people conjure up images of sitting by the beach or swimming in a hotel pool on the 4th of July, one person’s dreams of poolside dozing and toes-in-sand novel reading can be someone else’s nightmare. Some of us at MeMoi would rather stay inside, directly in front of the air conditioner, watching Independence Day with an ice pop in hand for the third year in a row. Others want to spend the July 4th holiday at a  bbq flipping burgers and chowing down on freshly-buttered corn on the cob after tossing a frisbee around in the local park.

In short: not all of us at MeMoi Fashion are going to sit on the beach, and we’re going to need some socks to get us through our day off. Keep reading on the MeMoi Style Guides Blog to see which styles we picked and why we picked them as our 4th of July faves.

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Here's What We're Wearing

Women's Watermelon sock liners | MeMoi socks liners | MeMoi No-Show Liners

Time To Dress Up: No-show Sock Liners

Not every 4th of July plan involves a strappy sandal. There are dinners to attend, incredible sales to shop, bars to visit after the sun goes down. That’s why our social media coordinator Selena chose no-show watermelon-patterned sock liners for her 4th of July fave.

The MeMoi women's No-show sock liners keep your feet ultra-comfortable, no matter how warm the weather may be. While your flats may not be ideal for showing off pedis, your feet can still give off some serious summer vibes. Reach for a cheery pattern that embodies something fun and flirty, instead of packing a boring beige or basic black liner. For added assurance, the non-slip silicone grip holds these liners firmly in place – no more bending down to slip them back on your heels!

“Watermelon reminds me of the summertime, so when it came time to pick my 4th of July going-out outfit, these were immediately part of the plan,” Selena said. “Not only are these so cute, but they’ve never, ever slipped off. I’ve always had that problem before, and now I don’t need to worry about it.”

Shop The Look: Wacky Watermelon Sock Liners Three-Pack - $20

Whiskey Bar Conversational Socks | MeMoi Men's Novelty Socks

Time To Get Ridiculous: Vacay-themed Men’s Crews

Shed the serious businessman socks! At MeMoi, our vacay-wear embraces the “stop emailing me, I’m on vacation” vibe that we’re all going for on a federal holiday. That’s why graphic designer Gabe selected these whiskey-themed conversational socks.

“These are so comfortable, so soft, and such a nice departure from the more tempered socks I wear every day to work,” Gabe said. “My friends are going to love these MeMoi novelty socks.”

Whiskey crew socks are perfect for the sandal-averse dude who’d prefer some comfy, bamboo-blend socks over a flip-flop. A pattern of full bottles of top-shelf booze, coupled with filled shot glasses, is right at home at the backyard BBQ, out to lunch, or at the bar. They’re a great match with sneakers, casual slip-on shoes, or fine alone if you’re just walking out onto your deck (although we do recommend wearing shoes outdoors at all times)! The bamboo-blend fabric is a nice touch, too, lending unforgettable softness to a truly unforgettable pair of socks.

Shop The Look: Whiskey Bar Conversational Socks -$9

MeMoi French Terry Leggings | Women's Leggings

Time To Do Nothing: French Terry Leggings

Leggings aren’t exactly beachwear, but when you’re four hours deep into a Law and Order: SVU marathon, leggings become the clear winner. After all, the 4th of July is a to do absolutely nothing, and leggings were meant to wear while doing absolutely nothing. Merchandising director Serina is looking forward to her hard-earned day off, lounging around with her family in the most comfortable leggings she could get her hands on!

“I’m just looking forward to hanging out with my family while staying super comfortable in my favorite MeMoi leggings,” Serina told: the MeMoi Style Guide blog. “I live for a good, stretchy legging on my days off.”

Whether you’re vacationing or staycation-ing on Fourth of July, a pair of stretchy, to-die-for leggings is simply smart planning. This comfy option for your chill-on-the-couch sesh can even double as an easy way to dress up if you end up going out for some ice cream. Plus, this French terry option has back pockets, bringing some more practicality to one of the most practical pair of pants you could wear. Go ahead, then, and put your smartphone away – there’s plenty a place to put it with the French Terry Leggings.

Shop The Look: French Terry Leggings -$45

Celebrate 4th of July In Style with MeMoi Legwear

As you can see, our plans for this day off are all over the map at MeMoi. Everyone has a slightly different idea of what it means to relax on the 4th of July: beach-sitting, mall-shopping, BBQ-grilling, couch-sitting – you name a relaxing activity, and you can find someone at MeMoi planning to do that all day long. No matter the choice, we know one thing for sure: our staff is going to be incredibly comfortable, and they’ll look wonderfully-coordinated in the process.

Now it’s your turn to share your style! Follow us on Instagram and use @MeMoi #MeMoi and #MeMoiLover to hashtag you stylish photos from this 4th of July. We’ll be picking our favorites to share with our followers, so get on the ‘gram between naps, commercial breaks, or mid-hot dog eating contest.

Shop The Look
Women's Watermelon sock liners | MeMoi socks liners | MeMoi No-Show Liners

Wacky Watermelon No-Show Sock Liners Three-Pack - $20

Who says women's sock liner shouldn’t be cute? The cheerful watermelon pattern adds a dash of personality to an ordinary garment. The perky pattern leads the pack of three, which includes one watermelon pattern, one black and one beige. The silicone non-slip heel grip ensures daylong wear without any adjusting. Even though they’re designed to remain out of sight, just knowing that watermelon pattern is in your shoe is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Whiskey Bar Conversational Socks | MeMoi Men's Novelty Socks

Whiskey Bar Conversational Socks - $9

Step into our Men's Whiskey Bar socks for a neat serving of comfort. Our cozy bamboo blend is breathable and soft, and the pattern pays homage to your favorite drink. Please wear responsibly.

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MeMoi French Terry Leggings | Women's Leggings

French Terry Leggings - $45

Joie de vivre! And that’s how you’ll feel when you slip on our french terry leggings. Memoi French Terry Leggings and functional back pockets combine to create one versatile piece. Wear during a workout or on a lazy day while lounging.

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